Minutes of August 26, 2010 Meeting

Raymond Balter, Patricia Bellanca, Kristi Conover, Carolyn Foote, Judy Gardner, Dorothy Grauer, Liza Kostic, Meghan Lord, L. Melanie Miller, Holly Muller, Drue Williamson, Paul Young (minutes)
Christine Duffy, Rebecca Luo, Mary Anne Nesbit, Gillian Newton, Roselyn Riley, William Torres

The meeting began by congratulating Krista from afar on the birth of her twins. A “birth-day” baby photo was admired by all!

The list of group members has been updated on our sakai site. Prior members were thanked for their participation and new members were welcomed.

1) NET ID Log-in to IRIS changed on 8/25. Most group members have already logged in and reported no problems that would affect RDS.

2) Implementation of the RELAIS system, which will replace the current PALCI site, has been delayed until later in the semester.

3) Same library/same campus holds will begin 9/1!! The group as a whole is anxiously looking forward to the transition. We reviewed the procedure to place same library holds on the holds shelf. Policies regarding reference material will not change. Members were encouraged to keep track of same library holds to see if the number of requests increases dramatically, or if the system is being abused by one or two users in a library.

4) Our updated Purpose Statement and RDS Procedures pages, which the group had reviewed previously, will be posted in IRIS. Delivery and Interlibrary Loan (RDS) information, and the Book Delivery/Recall form, have been amended in IRIS to include “same library/same campus” hold language.

5) Info Sharing: Many facilities problems at Douglass this month, including lack of air conditioning and some infestation issues. Dana has new carpeting. New computers have been installed at MATH. Melanie is also working on elimination of materials in the Reserve Math 2 section.

Next scheduled meeting: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 2:30 pm

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/resource_sharing_group/minutes/resource_sharing_group_10_08_26.shtml
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