Route 18 Task Force: Charge

The Route 18 Task Force is charged with studying the implications of the Route 18 construction, which is to start this summer, and last from four to five years. We know this will have an impact on library services.

Please recommend changes in library operations and services, which will ameliorate this situation.

Your recommendations should describe the appropriate changes in services, collections, and staffing that would reduce non-essential travel for library users and staff between campuses.

Please consider how technology can best be used to meet this goal. You should also estimate any one- time and annual cost implications for your recommendations.

Please feel free to contact anyone outside the Task Force for advice, and stay in contact with the university's committee on Route 18, chaired by Prof. Paul Leath, to ensure that your recommendations mesh well with the overall planning for the university.

I would like to have your report and recommendations by May 1.

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