Final Report of the Rt. 18 Task Force

April 28, 2004

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Jeris Cassel
Henry Charles
Judy Gardner
Barbara Garwood
Harry Glazer
Tony Joachim
Ann Montanaro
Roger Smith
Eileen Stec
Sandy Troy
Farideh Tehrani (chair)

The Charge to the Libraries Task force:

In support of its charge, member of the committee has, to date, met with the following administrators involved with Rt. 18 project. Dean Eddie Manning (Assoc. Dean Academic Support/Director EOF), Brian Rose (Director Compliance & Student Policy Concerns), Frank Wong (Executive Director Facilities Planning & Development) and on April 15th Robert Spear, (Director of parking and transportation services) provided an open forum for library personnel to discuss the current and upcoming phases of the Rt 18 construction project. This provided a useful venue for faculty and staff to begin thinking not only of alternate personal travel arrangements, but also changes to library service and operations.

General Recommendations:

Throughout the group's discussion flexibility was the key term. The group agreed wholeheartedly that the entire construction period will represent a time of dynamic change, and that ongoing dedication to a flexible evaluation of services will be necessary to guarantee successful operations during the construction period.

In support of the group's study and recommendations, a survey was issued to all RUL personnel in order to compile data on Rt.18 commuting and work related travel habits. Response was strong, indicating library staff and faculty are monitoring the situation closely. Early analysis indicates substantial use of Rt. 18 for both getting to/from work, and for work related travel throughout the day. This data will be reviewed as the construction period approaches and recommended changes are put into effect.

In general the committee has focussed on reducing the needs for library staff/faculty traveling to other units, and maintain timely and quality services to the library users. The committee makes the following recommendations:

Another area where the group recommends investigation is the processing of approval plan material at TSB. Currently a number of selectors travel across Rt. 18/Raritan River to review these shipments delivered to TSB. It is possible that transit issues would be eased for these selectors if the approval plan items were delivered to a more central location, potentially Alexander Library.

Possible outlets could include (but are not limited to): RUL home page; Bookmarks; Targum ad; RU buses.

Library Computing

Increase the number of videoconferencing devices. Take advantage of the multi-point videoconferencing to more than 4 sites by using the Multi Point Control Units (MCU) maintained by RUCS or Njedge. The systems department has registered the IP addresses of all videoconferencing equipment now installed and has tested the MCU capabilities with both RUCS and Njedge.


Ensure that users, especially undergraduates, have access to a broad range of full text resources online. Acquire the following:

Enable this resource with Open URL so that users can link up to any full text resources we have elsewhere. Wilson Omni File Full Text includes indexing, abstracting, and full text of journals to which Wilson has rights to the following: Education Full Text, General Science Full Text, Humanities Full Text, Readers' Guide Full Text, Social Sciences Full Text, Wilson Business Full Text, Applied Science & Technology Full Text, Art Full Text, Biological & Agricultural Index Plus, Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text, Library Literature & Information Science Full Text. Cost: $31,151 annual subscription


We will most likely need to buffer our stated delivery time for RDS material to a standardized 2-4 days, including NBL locations. Also, it may be necessary to shift the evening RDS run from 3-6pm to 6-9 (or even 7-10). Alternate driving routes will need to be planned to accommodate delays.

During the fall 2004 semester, study the financial and service impact of subsidizing the $5 RDS web article delivery fee on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus during Rt 18 construction.

Course Reserves

NBL library reserves are expected to be Electronic Reserve (PDF) only come fall 2004. However, library books and professor's copies will still be located at the units. The suggestion is to drop restrictions on placing multiple copies of items (duplicate course listing) on different NBL campuses.

Student Staffing

Part time student staff will need to be looked at closely. Currently student staff work at NBL libraries regardless of the campus where they reside. An effort could be aimed at coordinating their places of employment with the campus they reside. This would improve their reliability as well as reduce campus travel issues for these employees.

Late Night Study

Ensure that library hours and public services are adjusted to accommodate changes to the NB/P campus class schedule.

At our last meeting a question was raised about the distribution of late night study areas across NBL. While all units are not open to the same hour, it was expressed that late night travel may not be a major issue when compared to the more heavily trafficked daytime and rush hour periods. A closer examination of campus travel trends for late night library users would be useful in determining the need to alter operational hours in this regard.

Shipping and Receiving Recommendations

Maintain the same number of shipping and receiving pickup and deliveries at each site in New Brunswick/Piscataway per day. Be flexible in responding to changing traffic patterns and bottlenecks: change routes, schedules (RDS run later in the evening for example) and staffing as needed. Alert the Circ_sub listserve whenever adjustments are made, daily or over a period of time.

Use UPS to send videos for classroom use between the three major campuses (Camden, New Brunswick/Piscataway, and Newark)

Reference and Instructional Support Issues

The Route 18 construction will take 4- 5 years to complete, and when it is in full swing, construction will be in operation 24 hours a day, six days per week. It appears that:

Image Services

In recognition that travel time between campuses will be greatly increased, we recommend the following:

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