Minutes of March 9, 2011 Meeting

Albin, Devanas, Fishman, Gaunt, Golbeck, Masschaele, McGill, Mizrach, Morrell, Novak
Denda, Izbicki, Womack

Pilot Project on E-Books - Tom Izbicki

Tom Izbicki, Associate University for Collections Management and Development, spoke about a pilot project for patron driven purchases of e- books in the Fall semester. The Libraries are attempting to gauge the interest and use of e-books for research and in the curriculum to determine how to allocate funds. Tom noted that we will be using a profile with our book vendor describing the scope of disciplinary interest in which we would be acquiring materials. Titles out of the collection profile scope would not be available for the pilot, nor would books over a certain price. We hope to run the program for the year within a pre-determined budget. We prefer to purchase the books rather than license them, paying an annual fee. We do not want restrictions related to the number of people who can access the book simultaneously, although some publishers do not wish books to be available that way because of course reserves. We are interested in the presentation format-can you search the contents across all e-books.? Can you easily search an index or table of contents? Some of these parameters relate to the way the books are made available, but we believe they will affect the usefulness of the e-book itself. Foe each book acquired we will be asking the requestor to complete a survey that will provide the information we need to allocate funds to the various disciplines for the following year.

Using Media Resources and Developing Student's Multi-Media Skills - Kayo Denda

Kayo Denda, Head of the Margery Somers Foster Center, and Women's Studies Libraries, reported on the new initiatives being conducted by the Foster Center for women's leadership, and using the resources of the Sharon Fordham Multimedia Lab in the Douglass Library. She spoke about a campus environmental scan that pointed to a growing interest in multimedia resources by faculty and students, the explosion of multimedia information, and undergraduate courses with interview assignments. She related these findings to the Libraries role in developing information literacy skills in students, and the teaching of critical evaluation of resources. This led to the development of interview and multimedia workshops. The goals were to teach students skills necessary for conducting interviews; familiarize students with the interview process and parameters; expand students understanding of the interview as a process of communication and knowledge production between the interview subject and the interviewer; interrogate assumptions, cultural values, and norms. In the workshops students were taught basic techniques of multimedia production to enhance their research and social networking presence, and to complete a lab in using the appropriate software and hardware. The Undergraduate Multimedia Awards were established to acknowledge the creative use of the library's collections in the production of a multi-media based research project focused on women's or gender issues.

The next steps are to launch more multi-media literacy workshops, expand opportunities for students to engage in multi-media expressions and creations; and engage students in collecting immigrant communities' oral histories (interviewing, editing, processing, etc.)

Update on Using RUcore for Data - Ryan Womack

Ryan Womack, Research Data Manager for RUcore gave a demonstration of the RUresearch data portal that the Libraries have constructed to accept research data submitted by the faculty. The Libraries have moved in the direction of expanding the formats in our digital repository (RUcore) to support the NSF mandate that research data resulting from federal grants needs to be preserved in perpetuity and made available to the public. Some disciplines have an existing scientific data registry in which to deposit data, others do not. RUcore can fill the gap. We will accept data at whatever time the faculty member wishes to release it, and we will preserve it in perpetuity. We can provide a persistent URL for the data that can be linked to from a journal article. We can also create a customized search and retrieval portal for data. It is very early in the process, but the Libraries have worked with some faculty in the Graduate School of Education and SEBS to test the data model. Ryan is currently conducting workshops letting faculty know that the Libraries can assist in providing language for their grant proposals noting that their data can be preserved in Rutgers institutional repository.

Update on the Libraries - M.Gaunt

Gaunt reported that the café in Alexander Library has suffered from construction delays and we hope that it will be completed before the end of the semester. The Libraries are also working behind the scenes to develop a plan related to the library impact of incorporating the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine should that become a reality. Much of the work related to this had been done previously during the Vagelos Committee discussions. The Libraries also received funding for new tenure-track hires that was specified in the current AAUP contract. As a result, the Libraries are recruiting 3 new positions: Copyright and Licensing Librarian, Digital Archivist, and Digital User Services Librarian.

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