Minutes for June 11, 2010 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (remote), Ka-Neng Au (remote), Stephanie Bartz, Jeanne Boyle, Jeris Cassel, Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Coordinator), Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Lila Fredenburg, Judy Gardner (Deputy Coordinator), Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt (Convener), Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Nancy Kranich, Triveni Kuchi, Haipeng Li (remote), Jackie Mardikian, Rhonda Marker, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen, Michelle Oswell, Jane Otto, Fernanda Perrone, Francoise Puniello, Donna Schulman, Bob Sewell, Gene Springs, Eileen Stec, Roberta Tipton, Myoung Wilson, Mark Winston (remote), Connie Wu, Tao Yang

The meeting was called to order at 9:25 a.m.

1. Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

2. Introduction of New Faculty and Guests

One new faculty member was introduced: Michelle Oswell, Music and Performing Arts Librarian at Douglass Library.

3. Approval of the Minutes - November 20, 2009

The minutes were approved.

4. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business to discuss.

5. New Business

Information Literacy Report (T. Kuchi)

Triveni Kuchi reported on the work of the Information Literacy Task Force. In December 2009, the Planning & Coordinating Committee charged the task force to gather background information for a discussion of information literacy within the university in response to the last Middle States review that recommended the development of a university information literacy plan. The group examined what Rutgers University Libraries are currently doing with information literacy, how other colleges and universities are partnering with the libraries to implement information literacy initiatives, and who the partners and stakeholders are at Rutgers University for an information literacy initiative.

Recommendations for next steps include:

Diversity Recruitment Report (L. Fredenburg and M. Winston)

Lila Fredenburg and Mark Winston presented a report from the Diversity Task Force. The task force, chaired by Fredenburg, was charged by Marianne Gaunt to develop recommendations for the next five years on how we can strengthen the diversity of our staff and faculty.

Winston discussed existing research on diversity, which has primarily been done in the corporate sector, and demonstrates that diversity in organizations has strengthened decision making.

Fredenburg thanked the members of the task force for their hard work. Discussions of the task force were focused on training and accountability. The group made recommendations for methods of increasing the diversity of candidate pools, improving search committees, and strengthening the interview process. The task force has noted that all library personnel can assist in increasing the diversity of faculty and staff, and that this should be incorporated into annual reviews. Fredenburg has asked Sandy Troy to brainstorm a suite of training forums on topics such as behavioral interviewing, legal aspects of interviewing, and creating a welcoming environment. Tutorials will be conducted online, through webinars, brown bag lunches, and "just-in-time" training at the point when search committees are established.

Discussion followed on next steps such as retention, targeting our existing mentoring program towards diversity, and organization-wide training to empower every staff and faculty member to be an active recruiter. Additional suggestions should be sent to Fredenburg.

Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions (T. Yang, Chair PPAAC)

As chair of the Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action Committee, Tao Yang presented a revision of the Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions. The document was created in 1994 and last updated in 2002. After discussion, a few changes to the revised document were recommended. Marianne Gaunt called a vote on whether another version should be presented to the faculty with these changes reflected, or if the document could be approved with the understanding that suggested changes would be incorporated. By voice vote, the faculty selected the second option. The revised document was approved.

6. Report of the University Librarian (M. Gaunt)

Gaunt gave a presentation on the budget process, outlining the differences between the state funds process and the process for other funds. A description of how the Libraries propose to handle the budget reductions for FY10/11was reviewed. A memo highlighting key points of the presentation was distributed to RUL_Everyone following the faculty meeting.

Salaries have been frozen across the university.

Gaunt thanked Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, Judy Gardner, the members of the Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC), and everyone who has served on a faculty committee for all their work in the 2009-10 academic year.

7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (V. Cvetkovic)

Cvetkovic gave an overview of the work done by P&CC this year, such as establishing a faculty handbook and a Sakai site for chairs and elected officers in committees and councils, and charging a number of special task forces. She thanked the Rules of Procedure Committee and the Councils for working with P&CC, and thanked the faculty for their support. She wished luck to Judy Gardner and Jim Niessen, faculty coordinator and deputy faculty coordinator for 2010-11.

8. Communications

There were no communications.

9. Report of Members Serving on University Bodies

Reports were disseminated previously via email.

10. Reports of Standing Committees

Reports were disseminated previously via email.

11. Adjourn Business Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m. An open forum on the roles of faculty liaisons that continued a previous forum began at 11:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary

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