Minutes for November 8, 2013 Meeting

Karen Hartman, Melissa Just, Triveni Kuchi, Li Sun, Kayo Denda, Laura Palumbo, Farideh Tehrani, Ryan Womack, Rebecca Gardner, Tao Yang, Adriana Cuervo, Rhonda Marker, Ron Becker, Stephanie Bartz, Jane Sloan, Jackie Mardikian, Tom Glynn, Tom Izbicki, Megan Lotts, Laura Mullen, Natalie Wadley, Yu-Hung Lin, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick, Mary Beth Weber, Julie Moscinski, Judy Gardner, Jim Niessen, Jane Otto, Leslin Charles, Jeanne Boyle, Natalie Borisovets, Judith Cohn, Ron Jantz, Robert Cupryk, Kevin Mulcahy, Victor Zverevich, Melissa Gasparotto, Joseph Deodato, Fernanda Perrone, Melissa De Fino, Mary Fetzer, Marty Kesselman, Janice Pilch, Minglu Wang, Roberta Tipton, Keir Reavie, Ka-Neng Au, Ann Watkins

8:45 to 9:15 a.m. - Coffee and Networking


1. Adoption of the Agenda

2. Introduction of New Faculty and Guests

3. Approval of the Minutes - June 7, 2013

4. Old Business

Open Access Policy Implementation Update - Jane Otto and Laura Mullen

University Strategic Plan -Gaunt

Tom Glynn- NTT faculty resolution

5. New Business

RUL "Scholarly Communication Organization" - (Mullen, Kuchi)

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian

7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator - (Mullen)

8. Communications

9. Reports of Members Serving on University Bodies

10. Reports of Standing Committees

11. Motion was moved and seconded to adjourn meeting at 11:05am

Minutes submitted by Megan Lotts, Art Librarian and Faculty Secretary

Faculty Committee Reports November 2013
(In order of submission to RULeveryone list-serv)

Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee
November 4, 2013

The committee has scheduled the majority of its brown bag presentations for the 2014 fiscal year. The first presentation was held on October 24: Jim Niessen, Documenting the Hungarian Diaspora: Collections, Policies, and Politics. The next presentation will be on December 3: Megan Lotts, Leading to the future: one Art Librarian's experience and perspective of the 2013 ALA Leadership Institute. The schedule of presentations for 2014 includes:

January 16 - Tad Hershorn, Norman Granz: The Man Who Used Jazz for Justice

February 20 - Jane Sloan, The Faceted Zetterling Project: A digital archives on the life and work of Swedish filmaker Mai Zetterling and scholarly resource for students, teachers, and researchers

March 20 - Leslin Charles, Curriculum Mapping: Tool and Process Toward Integration of Information Literacy

April 17 - Robert Vietrogoski, How New Jersey's Governors Created the State's Medical Education System

The committee is also planning a presentation for May 2014.

Submitted by Keir Reavie, Chair

Committee members:
Rebecca Gardner
Melissa Gasparotto
Janice Pilch
Zara Wilkinson

TO: Rutgers Libraries Faculty
FROM: Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic and Stephanie Bartz, Co-Chairs Rules of Procedure
RE: Rules of Procedure Report for Fall Semester 2013

This semester Rules of Procedure has:

Dear Colleagues,

During the quarter, April through June, 2013, the Committee received two short research leave applications. Four SRAs were submitted in the quarter ending in October.

In July, the members serving on the Committee changed. Karen Hartman and Julie Still were welcomed as our new members while the terms for Fernanda Perrone and Connie Wu came to a close. Many thanks to Fernanda who served as our chair during 2012-13.

Ann Watkins
Chair, Research Leave Review Committee


The New Brunswick Faculty Council has met one time since our last faculty meeting. Much of the October 11 meeting was devoted to appointing and charging committees, which have not been particularly active on the Council for some time. There are six standing committees, including a Library and Academic Resources Committee. The latter is chaired by Dan Fishman and includes Li Sun and myself. It's two current charges are 1) to consider the impact of the UMDNJ merger and Rutgers' membership in the CIC on library resources and services; 2) to keep the Council informed regarding the new RU Open Access Policy and convey Council concerns to Committee on Scholarly Communication.

Among other actions in October, the Council voted unanimously to include an affirmation of shared governance in the foundation elements of the RU Strategic Plan.

The minutes of the Council are posted at: http://nbfc.rutgers.edu/year13_14/minutes.html when they are approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Glynn


The User Services Council has been dealing with a number of ongoing initiatives.

We completed our list of goals for the coming year. Several of them continue work we dealt with last year, while others are new. They are:

In addition to our formal goals, we have discussed service issues such as the upcoming retirement of the SearchPath tutorial, the state of link resolvers, and the coming of CIC's UBorrow, a parallel service to Pennsylvania's E-ZBorrow, to Rutgers as another way of obtaining books through interlibrary loan.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Gardner
Roberta Tipton
Co-Chairs, USC

The Newark Faculty Council has met twice this year. The minutes of the first meeting are available at http://nfc.newark.rutgers.edu/NFCminutes2013-10-14.pdf. The main topics of discussion were the Newark campus budget for 2014 and campus safety issues. The council passed a resolution on shared governance (http://nfc.newark.rutgers.edu/NFCResolutiontoPresident10.14.13.pdf), similar to resolutions passed by the New Brunswick and Camden councils.

The second meeting on November 4 focused on the strategic planning process, and a follow up discussion on campus safety issues.

There was also brief discussion regarding the Education Trust (http://www.edtruct.org/) visit to the Newark campus on November 11 and 12. Rutgers-Newark has seen a dramatic increase in the graduation rates of under-represented minorities in the last ten years and the Education Trust would like to profile the campus in their publication. Education Trust will be visiting with faculty and others to explore campus initiatives that have helped increase this graduation rate. A small group of faculty council members will be involved in the discussions.

Submitted by:

Keir Reavie
Associate Director
John Cotton Dana Library

The Committee on Scholarly Communication has:

In progress:

The Committee is contributing information to PlanCo for discussion of future of CSC and "organization" of scholarly communication

Tom Izbicki & Laura Mullen, Co-Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

Here is a corrected report on Library Resources Council activities, with the correction in italic print:

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.
Best regards,

Library Resources Council Objectives, 2013-2014

1. Develop assessment measures for collections to determine extent to which current collections adequately support research & instruction and to assess adequacy of current budget. In support of Vision Statement & 5A. Outcome: Evidence-based arguments for adequate funding and possible reallocation of resources. Indicators: Bibliometric studies, circulation data, interlibrary loan data (including article requests denied because of copyright restrictions), usage data for e-books, journals, & databases; and user input.

2. Continue integration of RU and legacy UMD collections in order to increase the level of resources available to faculty, students, and researchers. Outcome: Implementation of combined system; no loss of needed resources; economies leading to additional resources. Indicators: modified LRC structure reflecting integration; User comments; additional resources for integrated community.

3. Develop vision of selector responsibilities better suited to current & future environment; incorporate vision into open selector lines, now and in future. Develop robust training & development program for selectors, with particular reference to new developments in scholarly publishing.
In support of 1C, 1D, 1E & 2A.
Outcome: Hiring of highly qualified selectors, continued professional development of current selectors.
Indicators: Dynamic template for new selector line descriptions; well-attended and effective professional development programs including Health Sciences librarians.

4. Study models for library involvement/leadership in e-textbook program for university; gather data on local practices and initiate one test bed. In support of 2B.
Outcome: Rutgers students have better, more affordable alternatives to traditional text books; Libraries seen as essential resource.
Indicator: Report with recommendations; beginning of one or more test beds.

5. Explore new possibilities for effective collective collection development.
In support of 1F, 4B.
Outcome: New or improved strategic partnerships with academic library groups, including shared purchasing and shared collection development. Indicators: Continuing contacts and planning meetings with partners in CIC, PALCI & VALE.

6. Identify unique/rare/hidden collections related to New Jersey within RUL for cataloging, preservation and/or digitization. New Jersey county and local government publications, along with some remaining state publications, are prime candidates, as well as materials in Special Collections & University Archives.
In support of 1B, 2F, 3A, 4A
Outcome: Improved access to NJ-related "hidden" collections through cataloging; digitization and/or artifactual preservation as appropriate.
Indicators: Identify appropriate resources and recommend strategy for moving ahead.

7. Develop formal method for allowing selectors and Media Librarian on the acquisition of streaming media
Outcome: Improved access to requested media for faculty and students
In support of 2B, 2E
Indicators: Report received and endorsed by LRC; recommendations implemented.

8. Define LRC role in promoting collaborative research activities in Digital Humanities
In support of 1A, 2A, 5A
Outcome: Partnership with Humanities faculty and graduate students; enhanced digital resources and projects. Indicators: Completed report with recommendations received and endorsed; structure and initial strategy.

Endorsed (after discussion and revisions) by LRC on October 17, 2013

Last spring, the LEAD Committee hosted a panel where several library faculty who have participated in various leadership training programs discussed their experiences. Following that panel, the Committee received a number of applications for leadership training by RUL librarians, administrators and staff. We are pleased that several applicants were accepted into competitive leadership programs and 4 were funded. Some will report on their experiences at upcoming SAPAC lunches. We hope to host another panel in the spring, showcasing what people have learned and encouraging additional applicants. When new opportunities become available, we are forwarding them to RUL Everyone and updating our web site accordingly.

For more information about the LEAD program and leadership opportunities, go to: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/lib_fac.shtml and scroll to Leadership Education and Development Program (RUL LEAD).

Nancy Kranich, Chair
Roberta Tipton
Jeanne Boyle

Rutgers University Senate Report
submitted by Jane Otto and Natalie Borisovets

Since the last RUL faculty meeting, the University Senate has met twice, in September and October, 2013.

1. Most recently, Dr. Barchi has responded to RGPEC's "Report and Recommendations on Charge S-1108, Research Support Infrastructure," which included recommendations from the Libraries, Office of Instructional Technology, Center for Online & Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies (COHLIT), the Office of Research Alliances, and others. The report included recommendations in the areas of data and information sharing, secure data storage, data transport, scientific equipment, and research support services. The report's first three recommendations (of 20) are to

Dr. Barchi accepted the Senate's recommendation to form a University working group to address these and all the issues outlined in the report. That Group will be established by Christopher Molloy upon assuming his new role as Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development, and will include Vice Presidents Donald Smith and Marianne Gaunt, or their designees, as well as faculty representatives. The report may be found at http://senate.rutgers.edu/RGPEConS1108ResearchSupportInfrastructureMay2013.pdf and Dr. Barchi's response at http://senate.rutgers.edu/RLBAckS1108ResearchSupportInfrastructureOctober2013.pdf.

2. At the September meeting, Dr. Barchi delivered his administrative report, which is posted at http://president.rutgers.edu/public-remarks/speeches-and-writings/president-barchis-report-university-senate.

As part of the report of the University Secretary, Ken Swalagin noted that Dr. Barchi has formally accepted a Senate resolution extending the Fall 2013 add/drop period, as well as the proposed final policies and procedures on academic integrity policy and adjudication of alleged academic integrity violations, necessitated by changes to the University Code of Student Conduct.

3. The restructuring of the University Senate is likely to reduce the number of Libraries' senators from two to one. It appears that the "University Libraries shall be represented by one senator for each 60 budgeted faculty lines or major fraction thereof." Under the restructuring, currently elected senators shall continue to serve to the end of their existing terms, but no new senators may be elected (including replacements) in excess of the new entitlements. J. Otto's term will be the first to expire (at the end of this year).

4. J. Otto was asked to attend Senate Executive Council meetings, as a non-voting representative of the Research and Graduate and Professional Education Committee (RGPEC), which she co-chairs with Gayle Stein of the Office of Instructional and Research Technology (OIRT). N. Borisovets, as chair of the Instruction, Curricula, and Advising Committee, was also asked to attend.

5. RGPEC is working on a charge to investigate and make recommendations with regard to core University support for international students and postdocs, and is developing a survey of Rutgers international students and people providing services to them.

6. N. Borisovets and J. Otto participated in the Senate Executive Committee's Ad Hoc Task Force on Strategic Planning, which prepared a resolution that would incorporate shared governance and academic freedom into the "foundational steps" of the University's strategic plan. The resolution was passed by the Senate and accepted by Dr. Barchi.


PPAAC (Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee) has nothing to report at this time.

Julie Still, Chair
Paul Robeson Library

The Camden Faculty Council meets monthly. We have been discussing general education requirements across all schools on campus, the role of the new provost position, new campus buildings, and the search for a new chancellor.

Julie Still
Paul Robeson Library
Rutgers, Camden

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