Minutes for June 6, 2014 Meeting

Francesca Giannetti, Laura Mullen (Faculty Coordinator), Judy Cohn, Elisabeth Sosnowska, Stephanie Bartz, Caryn Radick, Tao Yang, Li Sun, Jane Otto, Jim Niessen, Natalie Borisovets, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Laura Palumbo, Tom Glynn, Kayo Denda, Ron Becker, Robert Vietrogoski, Kerry O'Rourke, Joseph Deodato, Vibiana Cvetkovic, Zara Wilkinson, Bonnie Fong, Jeanne Boyle, Keir Reavie, Elizabeth Surles, Roberta Tipton, Minglu Wang, Ka-Neng Au, Vincent Pelote, Krista White, Triveni Kuchi (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Melissa Just, Rhonda Marker, Jill Nathanson, Tom Frusciano, Rebecca Gardner, Yu-Hung Lin, Mei Ling Lo, Connie Wu, Karen Hartman, Mary Fetzer, Kevin Mulcahy, Leslin Charles, Jonathan Sauceda, and Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary).

1. Adoption of the Agenda

2. Introduction of New Faculty and Guests- no guests or new faculty

3. Approval of the Minutes

March 7, 2014 minutes were voted on and approved.

4. Old Business

University Libraries Strategic Plan (Gaunt)

Please note that everyone should have now received the RUL strategic plan revised draft. Thanks to Jeanne Boyle who has been chief in pulling together all the comments. This plan was based on RUL's collective wisdom and we are on course as planned. There is still a question of how we will assess our work towards the new strategic plan. Please feel free to send any further comments and many thanks to everyone's efforts. This document will be complete by July 1st, 2014.

Brief reports and updates from Planning and Coordinating Committee (Mullen, Kuchi)

Open Access Policy Implementation Update (Otto, Mullen)

Following the passage of the Senate resolution on open access policy in 2012, Laura Mullen and Jane Otto were appointed co-chairs of the Rutgers Open Access Policy Implementation Working Group. The highest priority for this working group has been to develop a dynamic web presence to aid in the successful implementation of the policy. The Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers (SOAR) website has a fresh new look and added functionality that should be appealing to those depositing their work. A team of web designers, programmers and developers is working on the SOAR website and functionality. Please note the new one page handout/fact sheet is available from the "Open Access Policy" page on the "Information for Researchers" site. Please feel free to circulate the fact sheet to students, faculty, and staff. RUL is now part of COAPI (Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions), which is a proactive organization that includes 47 other university members. COAPI provides valuable information and support for universities implementing OA policies. Thanks to the work of many dedicated individuals in RUL, the OA policy implementation is currently meeting its deadlines.

5. New Business

PPAAC (Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee): revisions and updates to guidelines and documentation for promotion and tenure, and creating a "service" document (Julie Still for PPAAC)- PPAAC looked at the documentation, originally revised by Mary Fetzer for aspects of promotion and tenure, including documentation for "guidelines for scholarship" and "guidelines for librarianship." It was later recommended by PlanCo that creating a document for "service" would be very useful to all library faculty. Julie Still presented the newly revised documentation for discussion and feedback. Anyone having comments, questions, or concerns may contact Julie. Thanks to PPAAC for all of their work this year.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian

7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator - L. Mullen

Mullen thanked the members of the Planning and Coordinating Committee for all of their work this year on faculty business. PlanCo has one more meeting this June, and then Triveni Kuchi will become the new faculty coordinator in July. Tom Glynn will be the deputy. A reminder that the Planning and Coordinating Committee's charge and revised membership categories have been updated and are posted on the library faculty webpages. The committee has grown by two members and will benefit from having expanded representation. RUL is very fortunate to have had so many new colleagues join our organization this year. One of our major agenda items this year has been analyzing our scholarly communication organization with an eye toward greater inclusion, and this topic will need further discussion. This is an item that might be suggested for a discussion in Cabinet. We would like to thank the members of the Rules of Procedure Committee for their work this year on so many revisions to the Bylaws. Thanks also to RoP for their development of the electronic voting system. It worked very well; more people voted and fewer votes were thrown out. We will also hear from the group working on faculty visibility and from PPAAC about their work on revisions to the documentation and guidelines for promotion and tenure. Thanks also to Mary Fetzer for her initial work on this documentation. Final PlanCo work for this year, to be completed this month, includes a completion of the work on the faculty lines wishlist, and hopefully we will have our final follow up report to the work of Ryan Womack and the previous PlancCo on our research services. As you may recall, last year a lot of work was done to put a focus on "research services" such as open access, scholarly publishing, research data management, digital humanities and other identified as "leadership" or "collaborative" services by the library faculty. A follow up report on digital humanities was presented to PlanCo by Kevin Mulcahy on behalf of LRC, and a digital humanities working group has been formed. Thank you also to the faculty secretary, Megan Lotts for preparing the minutes of both PlanCo and the faculty meetings.

8. Communications- no known communications received

9. Reports of Members Serving on University Bodies (reports sent by email and appended to the end of this document)

10. Reports of Standing Committees

11. Adjourn Business Meeting

Note: Business meeting followed by open program and presentation by Marianne Gaunt and Melissa Just on topic resulting from ARL discussions on the future of academic libraries.


Faculty Committee Reports June 2014
(In order of submission to RULeveryone list-serv)

SAPAC has presented seven brown bag presentations in 2013-2014:

Four additional brown bag presentations will take place this academic year:

One final brown bag presentations will take place in this academic year:

Keir Reavie, Chair
Rebecca Gardner
Melissa Gasparotto
Janice Pilch
Zara Wilkinson

To: Rutgers Libraries Faculty
From: Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic and Stephanie Bartz, Co-Chairs, Rules of Procedure
Re: Rules of Procedure Report for Spring Semester 2014

This semester Rules of Procedure:

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic
Paul Robeson Library
Rutgers - The State University
Camden, New Jersey 08102

The Newark Faculty Council has met twice since the last library faculty meeting. Minutes of the April meeting are available at http://nfc.newark.rutgers.edu/NFCminutes2014-04-14.pdf. Minutes of the May meeting are not yet available. The major topic of discussion at the council meetings continues to be the Chancellor's strategic visioning process, which is coming to a close. A draft of the Newark strategic plan was discussed by council during the May meeting.

Submitted by Keir Reavie

Dear Colleagues,

Here are major activities of the Library Resources Council since the March RUL faculty meeting.

Best regards,

Kevin P. Mulcahy, PhD
Humanities Librarian
Alexander Library, Rutgers University
169 College Avenue
New Brunswick NJ 08901-1163
(848) 932-6108

During 2013-2014, the Research Leave Review Committee supported the scholarly pursuits of 18 of our colleagues. The breakdown for SRAs and sabbaticals follows:

SRAs-- July 2013     2
       October       4
       Jan 2014      1
       April         6

       Sabbaticals -- 2014-2015       5

My deepest thanks to the Committee members, Tom Frusciano, Karen Hartman, and Julie Still, as well as Michele Petosa.

Ann Watkins, Chair

RUL Faculty Colleagues,

Since March, the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) has focused on the following:

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Mullen and Tom Izbicki, Co-Chairs

The activities of the User Services Council since the last faculty meeting include:

Katie and Bobbie
USC Co-Chairs
Katie Elson Anderson
Reference Librarian, Paul Robeson Library
Rutgers University Libraries, Camden
(856) 225-2830
Twitter: @kelsonanderson, @robesonlibrary


The New Brunswick Faculty Council has met one time since our last faculty meeting. At that meeting, April 25, the Council approved a resolution objecting to the selection of Condoleezza Rice as the 2014 commencement speaker and discussed the report of an ad-hoc Athletics Committee.

If you have any questions about the work of the Council, please contact the Libraries' representatives to the Council.

Tom Glynn
Li Sun

Tom Glynn, Ph.D., M.L.I.S.
Anglo-American History and Political Science Selector
Alexander Library, Rutgers University Libraries


Since the last faculty meeting the members of the Instructional Community of Practice have:

  1. Vetted Insight as a less expensive replacement for Net Op Vision classroom software;
  2. Discussed and responded to a national call for feedback on the proposed ACRL Framework for Information Literacy; and
  3. Made suggestions for revised "help" content on the RUL website. This process will continue.

Bobbie Tipton

The LEAD Committee has reviewed no new applications for leadership training by RUL librarians, administrators and staff since the last Faculty Meeting. When new opportunities become available, we are forwarding them to RUL Everyone and updating our web site accordingly.

For more information about the LEAD program and leadership opportunities, go to: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/lib_fac.shtml and scroll to Leadership Education and Development Program (RUL LEAD).

Nancy Kranich, Chair
Roberta Tipton
Jeanne Boyle

Rutgers University Libraries Faculty
University Senate Report

The University Senate met twice since the last Libraries' faculty meeting: March 28th and May 2nd.

March 28th:

1. The major item of business was the report, presented by the Executive Committee, Response to the Proposed Merger of the Rutgers College of Nursing - Newark and New Brunswick, and the Rutgers School of Nursing - Newark <http://senate.rutgers.edu/ECReportOnProposedNursingSchoolMergerMarch2014.pdf> The Committee supported the merging of the two schools in principle, but was still concerned with the lack of timely notice for Senate input as well as the lack of detail and of a financial plan in the merger proposal.


Therefore, be it resolved that the University Senate at a fundamental level supports the merger of the Rutgers College of Nursing -Newark and New Brunswick and the Rutgers School of Nursing -Newark but requests that the Senate be updated regularly as the merger proceeds.

The report and resolution passed.

2. University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) presented their Response to Charge S-1302 on Full-Time, Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Senators and Response to Charge S-1307 on Senate and Executive Committee Eligibility.

The reports, which reference each other, include recommended changes to Senate Bylaws and Senate-related University Policy. The report on Senate eligibility, as originally presented at the February Senate meeting for preliminary discussion, recommended the "removal of the libraries from the category of faculty representation and creation of a separate category of Senate representation for librarians, with an entitlement of two senators elected by all eligible librarians without regard to faculty or staff status." This recommendation was removed from the report presented in March.

The reports were adopted unanimously.

3. Budget and Finance Committee (USGC) presented their Response to Charge S-1312 on Responsibility Center Management Models. <http://senate.rutgers.edu/BFConS1312ResponsibilityCenterManagementModelsMarch2014.pdf> The report, which included 11 recommendations, was adopted.

May 2nd

1.The first meeting of May 2nd was the initial meeting of the 2014-2015 Senate for the purpose of electing officers and representatives. Full election results are available at: http://senate.rutgers.edu/UniversitySenateElectionResults2014-15.html

Jane Otto was elected to the Senate Executive Committee as the New Brunswick Faculty Representative; Natalie Borisovets was elected to the Senate Executive Committee as Faculty Representative At-Large.

2. The second meeting of May 2nd was the final meeting of the 2013-2014 Senate.

A. Student Affairs Committee (SAC) presented their Response to Charge S-1210 on Early-Open Study Space. <http://senate.rutgers.edu/SAConS1210EarlyOpenStudySpaceMay2014.pdf> The Student Affairs Committee looked into the possibility/support for early-open (7 a.m. as identified by a student survey) study space on each campus. The report recommended:

  1. Student Centers on the New Brunswick and Camden campuses track usage of the student centers and libraries during the hours of change and report back to the Student Affairs Committee of the Rutgers University Senate.
  2. Further examination be done by those responsible for the student centers on each campus as to the cost and potential funding of such opening: a) as already exists, and b) as would be needed if even earlier opening is warranted.

The report and recommendations were adopted.

B. Executive Committee (EC) presented their Response to the Proposal for Union of Nursing Programs and Personnel on the Stratford Campus of the Legacy UMDNJ School of Nursing with the Rutgers School of Nursing - Camden.

The report recommended:

Regardless of the apparent ardent support the proposal has among the faculty and staff most affected by the integration, the Executive Committee finds that without sufficient notice to examine the proposal thoroughly, it cannot approve or disapprove the integration at this time. Thus, The Executive Committee cannot urge the Senate community to support the merger on its merits, but does recommend that the Senate body affirm the Executive Committee's authority to act to approve the proposal on behalf of the Senate should sufficient budgetary and contractual details become available prior to the Board of Governors meeting on June 19, 2014.

The report was adopted.
[At their May 16th meeting, the Senate Executive Committee endorsed the following: "Contingent on a mutually satisfactory conclusion of the Labor Management Committee meeting process, the University Senate Executive Committee, on behalf of the University Senate, endorses the Proposal for Union of Nursing Programs and Personnel on the Stratford Campus of the Legacy UMDNJ School of Nursing with the Rutgers School of Nursing - Camden.]

C. Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee (FPAC) presented their Preliminary Response to Charge S-1012A on Balance of Full-time and Part-time Faculty Teaching.

The Report recommended:

  1. Units responsible for completing CAS reporting forms should be required to do so, promptly at the conclusion of each semester at the latest. FPAC Report on S-1012A page 4 of 4
  2. The Division for Institutional Research and Academic Planning should be provided with resources necessary to complete requests for data from the University Senate and other appropriate governance bodies.
  3. The FPAC requests a follow-up CAS analysis based on fall 2013 enrollments and expanded to cover all units, to be produced by the Division for Institutional Research and Academic Planning and presented to our FPAC committee by November 1, 2014

The report and its recommendations were adopted unanimously.

D. Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee (FPAC) presented their Response to Charge S-1212 on Definition of "Faculty" in University Policies. http://senate.rutgers.edu/FPAConS1212DefinitionOfFacultyInUniversityPoliciesApril2014.pdf

The report was for information only, and did not require Senate action or vote.

University Senators:
Natalie Borisovets
Jane Otto

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/rul_faculty/minutes/rulfac_14-06-06.shtml
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