Faculty Nomination Process

This proposal will not change the current election procedures, Section V.3 of the Bylaws. It adds an additional strategy to the process currently used by the Rules of Procedure Committee in gathering names of faculty members to run for office, and is not intended to supplant other recruitment strategies, such as self-nomination or the judgment of the Committee. Self- nominations will continue to be handled as they are now - by directly communicating your interest to the Rules of Procedure Committee.

The goal of this process is to stimulate interest and participation from individual faculty members in running for and holding office by creating a groundswell of support for individual nominees.

The Process

1. Some weeks before the elections, Rules of Procedure will post (via an online survey instrument) Nomination Ballots listing all eligible faculty members for each elected position. Members of the Rules of Procedure Committee will be responsible for querying nominees as to their willingness to be on the final ballot so there is no need for faculty members to take that step prior to filling out the form.

2. Faculty members will be asked to return ballots with potential candidates marked on the Nomination ballot with direction similar to below:
If one person is needed, nominate up to three.
If two persons are needed, nominate up to four.
If three persons are needed, nominate up to six
[All nominations will be acknowledged whether they accrue to the recommended pattern or not - i.e., making a single nomination is acceptable.]

3. Nomination Ballots will then be tallied and utilized by the Committee in querying individual members on their willingness to run on the final election ballot.

4. Assessment regarding the effectiveness of this method and recommendation for continuance will be included in the Committee's Annual Report.

January 3, 2007

Last updated: January 3, 2007
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