Minutes of the September 4, 2014 Meeting

Leslin Charles, Melissa Gasparotto, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Zara Wilkinson

Charge: The Committee on Scholarly and Professional Activity shall consist of five elected members. The term of office shall be for three years. The Committee shall be responsible for presenting seminars and programs relevant to the research and publications interests of the Faculty, for maintaining liaison with the Faculty of the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies and other professional groups for this purpose, and shall assist the University Librarian in the publication each year of a list of publications by faculty members. 5/23/97

  1. We anticipate new information from PlanCo and await notification from them as they seek to address SAPAC's charge later in the year, after doing some work on documenting the core competencies, fundamental duties, and professional development of librarians at Rutgers.
  2. We determined that our charge should stand as is but for the needed updating of the title of the School of Communication and Information. We will reach out to specific SC&I faculty and staff as needed to present and participate in our activities. There was a recommendation to invite an instructor from SC&I who teaches gaming and literacy.
  3. We will send SAPAC's activities when there is a call for Area Updates so as to fulfill the last statement in the charge.
  4. We aim to host a variety of events including panels, brown bag lunch discussions, workshops, PechaKucha presentations, and debates. One idea for the latter is something addressing Teaching and Legal aspects with Janice and Steve Garwood from SC&I.
  5. Some topics that were suggested are
    1. Change management
    2. Time management
    3. Stress management
    4. Operating in a time of budget crisis
    5. Latest practices, new procedures, latest technology, etc.
  6. Leslin will send out a call for 'proposals'. From there we will determine how many sessions we will aim for this academic year.
  7. SAPAC will co-sponsor Open Houses that will be hosted by the Committee on Universal Inclusion on a rolling basis across the system.

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