Minutes of October 23, 2003 meeting

Rose Barbalace(recorder), Zohreh Bonianian, Susan Brower, Kristi Conover, Asuncion De Chavez, Barry Lipinski, Ericka Moore, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Ana Ramirez-Luhrs, Brian Stubbs
Michele Tokar


Recent Incident Reports

Rose brought to the group’s attention that the number of recent incident reports on theft of personal belongings has increased significantly since September across New Brunswick. The group discussed the possibilities of creating more signs around the library alerting patrons to not leave belongings unattended. Rose will also look into a proposal to use the “crime alert” email notification with RUPD to inform patrons of possible theft of personal belongings if left unattended. The group will need to be careful in presenting this information so as not to make the library seem an unsafe environment for patrons.

Distribution of Incident Reports

The group discussed the distribution of incident reports after it is written. During the last coordinators meeting Rose discussed the possibility of distributing internal incident reports, i.e. Unit Supervisors, BSMFG Coordinator as email attachments, and only needing to hand sign and print incident reports going to the NBL Director, Admin Representative and RUL Human Resources. The group agreed this will save time and resources. Rose will send out an email to the NBACS list-serv when this will take effect.

Public Safety and Awareness

Rose passed around a brochure that was found on the ruoffcampus.rutgers.edu website. The brochure details campus and off campus safety tips for students and also indicates current shuttle and bus services for evening and over night hours for each campus. Rose suggested this be posted where student employees can easily refer to its contents.

Emergency Safety/kits at Work

Rose passed around information from the www.ready.gov web-site. The group discussed the use of emergency kits containing various personal belongs such as, comfortable shoes, bottled water, flashlights, battery operated radio, extra prescription medication.

Rose also asked the group if their units had first aid kits. Rose will send an email out to all the units asking to list their current security supplies.

Information Sharing

- Nothing new reported
- Alexander Library has had problems with front automatic doors. Brian S. reports that Detex alarm box at emergency exit doors at the loading dock is not attached properly to door. Alexander is also having persistent water leaks in the 3rd floor stacks. Usually caused by a backed up air conditioning drain from a mechanical room located directly above. Roto-Rooter was recently called to fix the latest drain issue. Brian asked if a routine check on the drain could be done so that the problem would not get to the point where a leak and damage to books will occur.
- Zohreh asked to be sent a copy of the Guidelines to filling out incident reports.
- Annex library is still monitoring temperature twice a day.
- Ericka asked to be sent a copy of the Guidelines to filling out incident reports.
- Ramon reports that lot 72 behind the Douglass Library is very dark at night and presents a security concern for staff leaving work during evening hours. Rose will ask Kelly W. to look into the lighting.
- Ramon reported that construction crews have left the main doors unlocked after they exited the building. Ramon has alerted Kelly to the problem. Ramon also reported a major water leak in the lower level of the library.
- Barry reports Kilmer Library’s front automatic door is not working properly and also the heat is not regulating itself. Shutting down the heat this for two days to fix problem.
- Nothing new reported
- Nothing new reported
- Kristi reports that she will check in again on the repair of ceiling tiles at Physics Library

Next Meeting - Tuesday November 18th, 2003 2:30PM*
Place to be announced

*Meeting moved to Tuesday November 25th, 2003 3:00PM
Library of Science and Medicine, Special Collections Room

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