Minutes of April 20, 2004 meeting

Ramon Negron, Susan Brower, Asuncion de Chavez, Michele Tokar, Roselyn Riley, Barry Lipinski, Brian Stubbs, Kristi Conover, Ana Ramirez Luhrs(recorder), Zohreh Bonianian
Fred Onorato



Ana Ramirez Luhrs has accepted a librarian position and will be leaving RUL. Her contribution to the Building Security Maintenance group will be greatly missed. The group wished her the best in her new position. Roselyn Riley has agreed to take minutes for future meetings.

Maintenance Concerns

Security gates at some units are equipped with a fan. Members of the group were reminded to clean these fans on a monthly basis. The fans tend to overheat if not kept free of dust and particles. It was suggested that periodical maintenance checks be done on all security gates.


New security cameras have been installed in the parking lot behind the College Ave. gym. The group would like to get a more formal commitment from the head of the community officers program responsible for patrolling in the libraries during closing hours. It was suggested the group invite the head of Community Police officers to come to a BSM meeting to discuss the security concerns of the group. This could lead to have a security guard present at the closing time in the libraries such as Alexander, LSM, and Douglass. Presently security guards visit Kilmer and Art library at closing and escort the night shift staffs to their car.

Recent Incident Reports

No major incident reports within the last month.


Documentation is needed for the BSMFG site on the NBL web page. Some examples of documents that would be appropriate are:

  1. Incident Report form
  2. Emergency Exit Door Monthly Check
  3. Exit Gate Alarm Procedures
  4. Exit Gate Alarm Form
  5. How to search bags at the guard desk

It was also suggested that there be links to RUPD pages, including the RUPD annual report “Safety Matters”.

Update on Projects

Brian has modified the emergency exit door maintenance log. Ramon made a suggestion to use public computers as venues (via screensavers) to communicate basic library policies (i.e. No Food and Drink, or Do Not Leave your belonging unattended). Ramon volunteered to compose a proposal letter for approval of this project

Information Sharing










Next Meeting - May 18th, 2004 3:00PM
Library of Science and Medicine, Special Collections Room

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