Minutes of May 18, 2004 meeting

Ramon Negron, Susan Brower, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Barry Lipinski, Zohreh Bonianian, Fred Onorato. Rose Barbalace
Asuncion de Chavez, Michele Tokar, Brian Stubbs, Kristi Conover



Zohreh will be on vacation in June. Brian will be coordinating the next meeting. Forward all agenda items and concerns to Brian.

The May 18th meeting was moved from LSM to ALEX due to a flood of the first floor restrooms at LSM. The building was closed for clean up.

Maintenance Concerns

Alexander was hot on the floors 2A, 2B and in the Reference area during the end of the semester. Repairs have been made and the temperature has been moderated.

Douglass was uncomfortably warm, with no air circulation, during the finals week as well. It is speculated that the construction was the cause.


Last month Officer Hill along with some of Alex staff had a walkthrough of Alexander. This was a good time to express our concerns regarding the safety and security of the library at closing time and the need of having security Guard present at closing. Officer Hill was very supportive of the idea of having a security presence at the libraries, and recommended that a formal letter be sent to him. Michele and Zohreh have drafted a letter, which was sent to Farideh for approval. During the tour, Alex staff identified and numbered 17 emergency exits within the building. This will make it easier to communicate with the authorities during an emergency.

Updated Incident Reports

As of May 2, Incident Reports have been updated to add Roger Smith as the new Assistant Head of Access Services.

Reminder: File all Incident Reports within 24-48 hours of the incident.

Recent Incident Reports

Kilmer had a series of power outages last week. Each outage occurred about 2pm in the afternoon and lasted in varying durations of 9 minutes, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. The cause is unknown.

Alex had a power failure on Saturday night during extended hours. The power failure caused the emergency gates to be lowered, and they could not be lifted until the following Tuesday morning.

Also at Alex – There was a water leak in the 3rd floor stacks due to a drainage problem in the mechanical room located above the stacks. The staff was able to preserve the collection from damage. This is the third time this same section has leaked.

SERC had a copy card vending machine stolen from their facility.


Procedural documentation were sent to Marc to be added to the group website. They should be up soon. The links include “RUPD annual report “Safety Matters”, “Incident Reports”, and “Bag Searches”.

Update on Current Projects

Ramon drafted a letter about using the public PCs to convey policy to patrons. The letter was sent to Farideh, who is consulting with Systems to research the feasibility of this project.

Rose and Ramon are continuing work on their project and will meet this week to create a PowerPoint slideshow.

Information Sharing










Next Meeting - Tuesday June 15th, 2004
Time and place to be announced

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