Minutes of July 20, 2004 meeting

Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianian, Susan Brower, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar
Ramon Negron



Welcome Jill Morrow from Kilmer Administration and Jazmine Faherty from Annex to the group.


Alex A patron was disturbing others on 2 separate occasions had to be escorted out of the building by RUPD.


A safe box filled with graduate carrel deposits was missing from a locked office at Alexander last Monday. It was later declared stolen, and is being investigated by the police.

This incident has caused a review of how the libraries store cash in their offices. Zohreh recommended that all units should consider floor bolted safe boxes, and to keep vigilante of valuables in desks and in offices.


MATH: Two secluded corners in the library, where lights have to be manually turned out rise a security concern at closing. The branch wants to install corner mirrors in each location so that staff can have a better view of the area. Zohreh is following up on that possibility.

DOUGLASS: In a walk thru of the Douglass Library, Zohreh and Ramon noted some of the Emergency Exit doors are visibly rusted and there is concern whether they will operate properly. The alarms on these doors only sound if the door is opened and the glass is broken on the sensor. There is also a question as to whether they are connected to a central fire alarm system. The new emergency doors have a wireless system. This system allows the staff at the circulation desk to turn off the alarm, however alarm will only sound at the circulation desk and not at the door. Patron would not be alerted they used an emergency door and that could build up a habit.

Douglass Library borrowed a set of Walkie-Talkies from Alexander to evaluate whether they are helpful for closing. Feedback from Ramon was very positive and he suggested that walkie- talkies could also be used in emergency situations. For example: for part-time staff to communicate with full-time staff while they are a short range away from the library i.e. at the student center taking break and there is only one staff present.

Fred also requested to purchase a battery-operated radio for Math library for emergency situation.

If any libraries have security needs/equipment needs please let Zohreh know so that she can add it to her report.

The RUPD presented each library with a security survey. The survey had a range of questions from building capacity to traffic to emergency procedures.


Updated security forms are available online.

It was discussed to add some segments of the emergency manual online in the documentation section of the NBL site. There has been concern about doing this by the Health and Safety committee, since too much public information could be misused and could cause a security risk. Proper channels will be contact to determine the risks of going online with the information.


Suggestions/Additions to the Goals for the year:

Brian suggested doing building security workshops for library staff, so that all will be comfortable with procedures. Zohreh felt that the RUPD workshops would encompass this as well. It was also suggested that the security/emergency procedure workshops include all library staff, not only access services.

11. Information Sharing

MATH: Fire alarm went off at about 2:50pm on Monday, July 19th and the building had to be evacuated. Fire officials said it was caused by dirt or dust particles.

LSM: The fire inspector visited the library and cited violations. A major complaint was that the stacks and books were too close to the ceilings in some areas. This is a problem because if there is a fire the firemen have to be able to get water over the stacks high book shelving acts as a wall and blocks water flow. The building does not have a sprinkler system, so this is especially important. LSM and the Fire Marshall are trying to determine the specifics of the fire codes to evaluate the best way to resolve any violations.

There are some wires loose on the floor at LSM. Although there is no electricity running in these wires, but it could be hazardous and facilities were asked to block these wires. Michele will follow up on this.

ANNEX: Jazmine Faherty has joined the staff at the Annex. Any temperature fluctuations have been resolved quickly and without incident.

KILMER: The sensor mats at the front doors are malfunctioning, so the door gets stuck. Replacement of the doors seems to be the only permanent solution.

Next Meeting - Tuesday August 24th at 3pm in the Kilmer Library conference room.

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