Minutes of February 21, 2006 meeting

Susan Brower, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger
Theresa Macklin, Ann Watkins, Kelly Worth



It was reported in the Targum on 2/21 that the new police building is complete. All occupants have yet to move in. All telephone numbers and emails for the departments moving to the new building (including RUPD) will remain the same. Parking and Transportation will be moving in over spring break, RUPD over the summer.

RUPD has a new police chief: Rhonda Harris

Incident report forms have been updated on the T drives. Please remove Mary Fetzerís name and replace it with Farideh Tehrani on all other saved or desktop files of the form. Barry noted that the copy on the ACCESS/COLLECTION SERVICES web page is outdated. Penny will ask Marc to update accordingly.

Incident Reports review






Covered Drinks Proposal Ė the group gave feedback on the draft of the proposal

Some cons to the proposal were raised: How would we encourage patrons to use/buy the acceptable mugs? Would this new policy require more policing by staff members? Would it require more training of student staff? What about the increase of trash?

Ramon suggested we come up with a definitive list of what drinks and drink containers are acceptable. And perhaps have a sample on display of the acceptable containers.

Michele suggested that perhaps the libraries could sell the accepted covered mugs, as well as the school bookstores.

Barry shared that Kilmerís pilot project with covered drinks has been successful.

Penny will incorporate the groupís comments into the draft proposal and send the resulting document to the group for review.

Best practices for constant abusers

Ramon shared his difficulties with a specific group of patrons who consistently create disturbances in the library.

The group discussed potential recourses that staff have in these situations. Some ideas were talking to the studentsí dean, barring patrons from the building for a specified period of time, calling RUPD. The creation of a brochure/hand out on proper behavior while in the library was discussed. The brochure could be given to the abusers.

Penny will bring this topic up at the next Supervisorís meeting for discussion with the other Supervisorís and Roger. Ramon will review the student code of conduct to see if that document can offer any guidance on dealing with these types of situations or if there is any information that may be included in a brochure. Findings and updates will be shared at the next meeting.

Disabilities equipment discussion

Recap: The Disabilities committees suggested the group create a cheat sheet regarding available disabilities equipment and any information and/or procedures at the libraries. The group decided to create a binder to house contact information of the disabilities coordinators at each unit, campus disabilities coordinatorís as well as some basic operation information.

Michele tried out some of the equipment at LSM and found that there was not much instruction integrated into the program.

Penny spoke with the PC Coordinator and a Reference Librarian at Douglass and they indicated that they would be agreeable to do training for the group on the equipment. The group decided this would be valuable for us in preparing the informational binder and especially for staff that work evenings and weekends when reference and the disability coordinator are not available.


Annex: Leaks in the office area due to condensation, but it has been repaired. Dean and Jazmine and Facilities are hoping to find out about who is reported to when the alarms are going off. Recent leaks in the back stacks were due to rain and melting snow on the roof. Facilities have been coming daily to make adjustments to the humidity levels.

Douglass: Continued problems with food and noise at nights. The dumbwaiter has been repaired.

Kilmer: On going issues with the automatic doors. Testing of the alarm system continued: something was wrong with the grounding of the alarm. Some measurements were taken for a new bathroom on the first floor.

LSM: Working on a weeding project; the chairs are being reupholstered; the area behind reference desk is now a quiet study area.

CS-ALEX: Susan shared the results of a fire inspection report of their department. There were a few violations including extension cords and a coffee pot that was listed for residential use. All violations needed to be corrected by March to avoid fines.

Art: An ugly wrinkly water spot has appeared on a wall near the reference/circulation desk, but so far no leaks have occurred.

ALEX: Construction continues on HVAC unit. The temperature in reference has finally equalized. The diverter that was installed on the 3rd floor is working so leaks have been minimized. A new roof will be installed in the next several months. The undergrad computer lab, that will be located in the undergrad reading room, is near completion.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 21st 3-4:30 pm Ė Kilmer Media Classroom

Video Conferencing to: Dana lower level electronic classroom and Camden Video Conference Room 2

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