Minutes of August 15, 2006 meeting

Susan Brower, Kristi Conover, Asuncion DeChavez, Dean Meister, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger
David Augusma, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Theresa Macklin
Brian Stubbs



The group welcomed Kristi Conover, the new admin representative to the group, replacing Kelly Worth. Thanks to Kelly Worth for all her work and service.

The table tents were revised to include the new covered drinks policy. The new table tents and signs about the new policy will be available on the NBL site for posting. There are 3 versions (of signs) available at: "Active Publications, Forms, and Signage List/Request Form" on the Staff Resource web site under Public Services / Forms

Jill Morrow is now the contact person for ordering pamphlets and brochures.

Covered Drinks Policy on the Web

The covered drinks policy is currently linked from the home page of the libraries website and in the News and Announcements section of the site. But soon it will be removed from that high profile location and placed under Policies and Other Documents. The group thought that most interested patrons would not think to look within the link to discover this information. The group suggested that the link to that information could perhaps be placed in the 'How Do I?' section of the site; e.g. "How Do I?"…..find information on the food & drink policy.

Incident Reports Review

Alexander - Men's room on the first floor had a hand dryer that would not shut off. In reference, pornography was being viewed on the public computers and some ethnic slurs graffiti was found on a wall.

Annex - Flying ants were back at Annex. An exterminator was brought in to correct the situation.

Art - No air ventilation/air conditioning was functioning in the building causing a must odor. All was repaired by the next day.

Physics - A strange odor and haze was reported in the building. The fire department evacuated the building. The cause may have been a fire in one of the laboratories. It was cleared for re-entry within a few hours. There was also a water leak over reference area shelving.

Information Sharing

Annex: Dean has been learning the various roles of the facilities and maintenance staff that service the annex. The annex had a fire inspection and had violations due to extension cords and missing ceiling tiles.

LSM: The library received new copiers. They are still weeding and now have a large number of books to be shipped to Better World Books when the student staff return in the fall. Old furniture that was no longer in use has been removed from the library. The new art work bought for the building has been hung. Dave Warner has resigned.

Kristi/LSM Admin reported that a fire inspection was done at LSM. The violations were all primarily issues that would be handled by facilities.

Collection Services/LSM: Collection Services name has been changed to Distributed Technical Services and the department no longer falls under the Access Services umbrella. No changes have been made to the function and responsibilities of the department at this time. They also received a new copier. Asuncion has noticed a lot of empty shelving in the current periodicals section. Michele added that the area is being reconfigured with the changes being made in the periodical subscriptions.

Douglass: All is quiet at Douglass. New copiers were delivered, although all are not hooked up. Reserves are all caught up for the moment. Ramon suggested that the library test to make sure that the digital security cameras in the building are functioning properly.

Math: They received their new copier, but it has a problem with network printing, so it is not fully functioning. The lights in the circulation area are out.

Art: The elevator is out of service in the building after a few patrons complained that it was shaking when in use. Two new copiers were received, but the one that will be used for network printing from the public PCs has not been installed.

Dana Library Site Visit

The group toured the Dana Library and the Jazz Institute. Many members had never visited the library or had not seen it since it was renovated. The group was very interested to learn about the special security methods implemented by the Jazz Institute to protect their specialized collection. The group thanks Ann Watkins for her gracious hospitality and Ed Berger for the informative tours of Dana and the Jazz Institute. The group would like to additionally thank Dean Meister for his excellent job of driving us to and fro. The trip up was indeed challenging in terms of traffic and Dean's patience and perseverance saw for a successful trip.

The next meeting - TBA

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