Minutes of September 19, 2006 meeting

Susan Brower (recorder), Adrian Butler, Asuncion DeChavez, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Brian Stubbs, Michelle Tokar, Penny Weniger
Roger Smith
David Augusma, Kristi Conover, Roselyn Riley, Ann Watkins



The group welcomed Adrian Butler the new representative from Robeson Library and thanked Teresa Macklin for her service to the group and wished her well in her new endeavor.

1. The revised User Conduct and Security policy was reviewed via a hand out outlining some of the revisions. The policy was strengthened in three areas with wording allowed by the court in the Morristown case:

a. Patrons should be engaged in appropriate use of the library (reading, studying, using library materials),

b. Patrons should not harass others (staring, following, playing audio equipment, singing, talking loudly in monologues), and

c. The personal hygiene/body odor section.

As well, it was noted that Jeanne Boyle's policy update e-mail states "The Council and Cabinet also approved the issuing of banning letters to non-Rutgers visitors whose violation of our policy is so extreme that they prevent us from carrying out our mission. Cabinet members will issue these banning letters in consultation with the university librarian and access services personnel. We anticipate that such letters will be rare."

Roger Smith expanded on the policy. Staff is expected to have an understanding of the policy and use sound judgment and a professional approach when confronted with a situation where an individual or individuals are exhibiting inappropriate behavior. Staff should contact RUPD if they feel uncomfortable approaching an individual. Through the revised policy staff now has bounds to seek action. An incident report should always be filled out. All staff should be made aware of the revisions at staff meetings.

2. "Safety Matters", the annual security report for Rutgers University is available for review by all current and prospective members of the University community as required under the Jeanne Clery Act of 1998. "Safety Matters" is available online at the following website:

New Brunswick Campus <http://publicsafety.rutgers.edu/safetymatters.htm>

3. The university recently introduced a new Identity Theft Compliance Policy. The policy provides assistance in both the prevention and detection of identity theft by outlining responsibilities and guidelines for collecting, retaining, and restricting access to personal information. The website to view the policy is: <http://nppi.rutgers.edu/dept/>. The website for information on recent breaches and how to prevent identity theft is: <http://nppi.rutgers.edu>.

Discussion Topics

Multi-site video conferencing for future meetings was tabled for next month's meeting.

Two separate incidents of patron's being ill or injured while in the libraries occurred in the last month. Additionally, a staff member was injured while on the job. These occurrences lead to the discussion topic of revising the Incident Report Guidelines to include information on the need for filling out the forms as well as how-to. Perhaps including the information in the guidelines will assist staff when reporting on accidents. The forms are required for both staff and patron's injuries. There are two distinct forms that should be used:

1) Injury Report form for Students or Public

2) Occupational Health Treatment Form

The first, Injury Report form for Students or Public is the form that should be used when a patron is injured while in the libraries. The second, Occupational Health Treatment Form should be used when a staff member is injured. Copies of each of these forms have been placed on the various unit T-drives in the Incident Report folders. Michele suggested that perhaps the forms, including the Incident Report form and the Guidelines could be placed on the Staff Resources pages. Penny will follow up. As well, she is seeking group input on where the information regarding the forms should be placed in the Guidelines. A draft of the revision will be submitted to the group for their input. Penny is also reviewing what the university's requirements are and the procedures for staff to follow if they are injured while on the job and will report back to the group.

Incident Reports review


  1. Water leak from ceiling on the 3rd floor
  2. Wet ceiling tiles in the Periodicals Room requiring covering PCs with plastic for protection
  3. Exit alarms sounds. Patron quickly left the building after leaving the books from his book bag on the guard desk. Student worker noted that the call # labels were missing as well as the barcodes. Seems to be an obvious attempt to steal the books.
  4. An unattended bag was found in the Gov Docs stack areas, in the hallway near the men's room. RUPD was called and opened it. Inside were a small cassette recorder and personal grooming items. A reminder: staff should not move or touch unattended bags. RUPD should be called.
  5. A patron collapsed. RUPD was called and emergency services took the now conscious patron away in an ambulance.
  6. Patron was viewing a pornography web site and behaving inappropriately. RUPD was called and spoke with the patron.
  7. Patron attempts to take a backpack after reporting that his was missing.


  1. Patron discovers and turns in a library sign that had offensive graffiti penciled on it. RUPD was called and given the vandalized sign.
  2. Adam Wolfson hit his head on a sharp corner of a cabinet. RUPD was called and suggested that Adam go to the hospital to have the wound checked. A reminder: When staff are injured on the job they should be encouraged to go to Hurtado to be checked. More information will follow.


  1. Patron suffers a seizure while using one of the PCs. RUPD was called and EMS arrived to take the patron to the hospital.

Information Sharing

The next meeting will be October 17, 2006, 3:00pm 4:30pm, TSB Conference Room

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