Minutes of May 15, 2007 meeting

Susan Brower, Adrian Butler, Jazmine Faherty, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger
David Augusma, Asuncion DeChavez


The meeting was multi-site videoconference to three sites: Alexander, Dana, and Robeson


The group reviewed the announcements Penny had posted on Sakai. (the following are the announcements posted on Sakai)

Accident Report

In preparing our web-site draft for Judy, I was planning on linking the Occupational Health form. This was the form to be used when an employee gets hurt while on the job. The form was then to be taken to Hurtado Health Center with the injured staff member. I was no longer able to find a copy of the form on the Rutgers Health Services web site. As a result, I called and spoke with a staff person with Health Services. She explained that the Occupational Health form was no longer valid. As a result of the efficiency of the new Accident Reporting system it was decided that this is the method to be used. So if an employee becomes injured and their supervisor wants them to be checked out, the supervisor would need to alert Charlene Houser, who will enter the information on the Accident Reporting system. At this point, the supervisor should call Hurtado (732/932-7402 x 1) to alert them of the situation with the employee and make an appointment. Thereafter, the employee can be sent to Hurtado. Of course, an Incident Report needs to be filled out as usual. I have taken the Occupational Health form out of the Incident report folders on the various units T-drives

Since this
meeting UPDATED INFORMATION per Charlene Houser has become available
"The on line form is only for employees, both full-time and hourly. The on-line form should be used for student employees when they are hurt or injured while working. A hard copy form, "Injury to Student and/or Public" is used or non-employees. Please keep in mind that the "Injury to Student and Public" form would also be used for a student employee who is NOT working but who uses the facility as a student patron. You can go to the website below for more info and to obtain the hard copy form

Banning Letter

The first banning letter in recent years has been sent out under the hand of Francoise. This is to advise that the process is underway. If it is necessary to ban someone on the NB campus' then a banning letter will be sent under Francoise's hand, If it involves Newark or Camden, M. Gaunt will sign. Judy stresses that staff in no way should think that they have some sort of responsibility to remember or track a banned individual, or in any way enforce a banning. If a like situation develops at your unit, we should call RUPD to handle and fill out a related Incident Report.

Announcements shared at the meeting:

The Safety Matters website has their annual security report posted. Contact Penny if you would like the link.

Penny informed the group about the email from President McCormick (for those who may have not seen it) about updating emergency contact information with the university to include cell phone numbers.

Incident Reports (March thru present)







Discussion Topics

Emergency Flowcharts

The group had a brief discussion on working with Sakai:

Information Sharing

Camden – The library opened for one Sunday during the recent exam period (Sunday, May 6th). About 30 students took advantage of the extra hours.

Kilmer – Barry was happy to report that there were no thefts during the exam period this spring. The patio is still awaiting repair. The building had no air conditioning until 5/3. There were many complaints about the temperature. Kilmer (as well as Douglass) stayed open an extra hour on the last day of exams to accommodate students who had an evening exam on that day.

Dana – For the first time ever Dana extended its library hours for exams. Evening staff worked until 2am for four days. The Provost’s office paid for added security during the extended hours. The library was cleared at midnight (its normal closing time) and then only RU students were allowed to re-enter. The on-site computer labs and all other areas of the building were accessible to students. All service desks were operational as well.

LSM – The ceiling is being painted in the Special Collections room and being equipped for teleconferencing equipment. There is ongoing construction in the parking lot. Kristi Conover reported a foul odor coming through the vents in her office.

Glenn/ILS – Nothing new to report.

Jazmine/ANNEX – Nothing new to report.

Fred/ALEX – is getting settled and acclimated to his new surroundings.

Susan/CS – DTS Alex had a student worker slice his finger using a preservation tool.

ART – After a theft, the key to the security tape cabinet could not be located by the RUPD and Security. The police wanted to secure the entrance tape for evidence. The RUPD seemed to be under the assumption that the unit had a copy of the key, which we do not. The police said they would try to track down the key within their own department.

Ramon/DGLSS – It was very quiet during exam time. There will be construction of the new Susan Fordham Media Resource Lab all summer.

Bill/ALEX – Over the past weekend there was another break in at Special Collections. Ron Becker’s office window was smashed. The window was replaced on Tuesday 5/15. Facilities has put the installation of motion lights in the parking lot outside of Special Collections on the front burner, since these types of break-ins have occurred 3-4 times in the past. Bill also hopes this recent event will help expedite the replacement of the old windows in that part of the building. The installation of the new fire compression system is almost complete. The crew had to take a break during the exam period, but will now resume their work.

Brian/ALEX – The books that were urinated on by a patron were all discarded as well as some shelving that was in the area as well.

Further info on the banned patron: When the banned patron was spotted within the building again – the RUPD asked how the letter was delivered to the patron was it mailed or placed in hand. This raises some questions about how the police will deal with situations involving banned patrons in the future and whether the way a banned letter is delivered somehow effects its ability to be enforced.

Penny – The demolition work for the Susan Fordham Media Resource Lab has been completed. Parking may be difficult during the summer.

Next meeting – Tuesday, June 19, 2007, Douglass Conference Room, 3:00pm – 4:30pm

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