Minutes of June 19, 2007 meeting

David Augusma, Susan Brower(recorder), Asuncion DeChavez, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger (Chair)
Jasmine Faherty, Roselyn Riley, Brian Stubbs
Adrian Butler, Roselyn Riley



Accident Reports review

Contrary to what was reported previously, it is indeed necessary to use two reporting methods. The on- line accident reporting form is used for employees only, both full time and hourly. The on-line form should also be used for student employees when they are injured while working. A hard copy form, "Injury to Student and Public" is used for non-employees. This form would also be used for the general public as well as a student employee who is injured while NOT working but using the facility as a student patron. A copy of this form will again be placed in the Incident Report folders on the unit T-drives or at:

Banning Letters

The Student Judicial Affairs Department will be the office handling banning letters.. Copies of the letters will be sent to Library Administrators Marianne Gaunt and Francoise Puniello who will distribute as appropriate.

The Emergency Flow Chart Sub-group

The group consists of Brian Stubbs, Bill Puglisi, Ramon Negron and Penny Weniger. The group had its first meeting and discussed the project. Brian is drafting a one-page quick action cheat sheet. The draft will be brought to the whole group at the July meeting for input and suggestions and then presented to Judy Gardner and Roger Smith for approval. The goal of the sub-group is to have the flowchart available for start up of the fall semester.

Incident Reports review


  1. Patron coming to an event at Alexander library fell in the parking deck and wanted the incident reported.
  2. Disorientated and staggering patron required RUPD to be called. RUPD called an ambulance to assist patron.

Discussion Topics

Using Sakai - a review

Penny encouraged everyone to respond to her postings in order to become more comfortable using Sakai. It was decided to schedule another Sakai training session. And suggested that perhaps one of the PC coordinator’s could present focusing on what the library needs for it’s usage. Penny will look into a specialized training presentation for the group. Michelle conducted a chat meeting due to campus traveling difficulties on graduation day. Doing so allowed the members to stay "home" and participate in the meeting by logging on to the Sakai site. Ten people were virtually present. Communication went well and Michele felt that the participants felt comfortable chatting.

Annual Report

Goals completed - Penny will send out our 2006/2007 goals and we can discuss on Sakai the status of either completed or ongoing.

Goals for FY 2007/2008

Information Sharing







The next meeting will be July 17, 2007, Douglass Library Instructional Alcove, 1pm – 3pm. Andrew Ruggiero will present a S&F group specific training on Sakai.

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