Minutes of June 17, 2008 meeting

David Augusma, Susan Brower, Barry Lipinski, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, Bill Puglisi, Roselyn Riley(recorder), Glenn Sandberg, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger
Michele Tokar, Brian Stubbs
Adrian Butler



Revisiting the procedures for reporting Accidents. Previously it had reported that we have been instructed to ONLY use the on-line Accident Reporting Form. A recent injury to a staff member prompted review of that information. Please be advised that we are to continue to use the Injury Report Form for Students or Public for non-employees. The one-line form is to be used only for employees, both full-time and hourly.

Somehow there was missed communication between Student Judicial Affairs and RIS. When Judy Gardner asked for updates there was never any news or a ban letter on file. However, a ban was sent from Student Judicial Affairs to a banned patron on Feb. 27, 2008 for incidents at Alexander. Valeda's office has re-sent another of our requests that was lost, for incidents at Chang. Judy feels that we need more discussion about how we communicate during the banning process with each other, with S&F, and with staff in our buildings. This should probably be a future discussion topic for the group with perhaps a follow-up report to Judy on any recommendations the group comes up with. Please take a few minutes and review the procedures on banning that are posted within Staff Resources >Access Services > Policies. There are 3 areas covered

There will be some changes in Access services' group coordinators next year:

Billing: Jeff Teichmann
Circulation: Michele Tokar and Holly Muller
Collection Management: Andy Martinez
Reserves: Penny Weniger
Resource Sharing: Katie Anderson
Security and Facilities: Barry Lipinski
Student Coordinator: Rose Barbalace

This will be the last meeting of this group that Penny called. However, Penny will work on and submit our Annual Report based on our discussion. Penny thanked the group you for the good work accomplished through the last several years. Penny shared that Barry will be a wonderful coordinator of the group. He has lots of experience leading groups and he will bring that experience to the Security & Facilities group.

Incident Reports Review (April 16 - Present)


  1. Pipe alley detex alarm was accidentally activated by custodial staff. It was initially thought that the alarm was the Special Collections gallery alarm.
  2. Patron that has been problematic in the past was discovered sleeping in the library at 7:15am when shelving staff arrive for work. RUPD arrived and took the man from the building
  3. Special collections alarm found disarmed when staff are opening on a Sunday requiring Special Collections staff to come in and arm.
  4. Several inflammatory flyers were discovered posted in various places over the space of approximately 7 days
  5. Patron reports that he sick and staff call RUPD who escort him on a stretcher to an ambulance.
  6. Snoring man is asked to be quieter. After several attempts by various staff, the man continues to snore loudly. RUPD was called and escorted the man from the building.
  7. Two computers in the stacks, one on level 2A and the other on level 3 have been vandalized often over two months to include the theft of the network cables. Systems have advised that if the vandalism occurs again, the computers will be removed.


  1. Fire alarm sounds and staff evacuate the building


  1. Hostile patron makes rude remarks to student worker.
  2. Abusive patron frightens library staff who call RUPD and ask to be escorted to their cars (see attached ban letter).
  3. Man who is known to have been masturbating last year in the building arrives. RUPD arrives but before they can escort him from the building, he leaves.
  4. Banned patron enters the library. RUPD responded and escorted person out.


  1. Staff member falls as he is leaving the building for lunch and breaks his rib.


  1. Due to the conversion to a centrally automated timing system that activates the lights the lights were not on at opening. Lighting needs to be coordinated to match the library hours as they change.
  2. Air conditioning ducts developed condensation and creates minor leaks
  3. Ventilation shut off due to a power failure creates warm temps, continuing condensations leaks and problems with the hydraulic entrance doors.
  4. Elevator not lining up to the floor as has happened in the past and people either get stuck in the elevator or the unit hits the ceiling. Out of order signs placed.

Discussion Topic

Annual Report

The group discussed the goals - completed and in process of the group during the past fiscal year.

Information Sharing

David/Imaging Services - Busy trying to repair continued copy card problems at Art.

Barry/KILMER - New security cameras were installed around the building and in the parking lot. Hot water was shut down, which also shut down their air conditioning (for about 2 weeks). The building become unbearable and had to be closed for a day. The new group study rooms have been completed, but they are awaiting furniture. They are thinking about using a reservation system to book the rooms for usage. The automatic doors are still having problems. There is a new HVAC system in the works for Kilmer.

ART - Two fire drills/alarms. Roselyn wondered if the RUFD have any sort of standard procedure to alert staff when it is safe to reenter the building. Currently staff waits until fire personnel leave the area before returning inside.

Bill/ALEX - Security camera has been installed at the loading dock and in the front of the building at Alex. Four large electrical transformers are being changed in the building. The group study rooms have been named - gift of the class of 1958. Two more sets of rooms will be built in the future. All the furniture has been reupholstered on the 4th floor in the lecture hall. There has been some talk of revamping the lobby and the reference section as well.

Ramon/DGLS - There has been an increase in community users this summer, mainly to use the computers. So far no disruptions have occurred.

Next meeting - TBA

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