Minutes of January 20, 20098 meeting

Susan Brower, Jill Morrow, Bill Puglisi, and Barry Lipinski (coordinator, recorder)
Asuncion De Chavez, Dean Meister, Roselyn Riley, Glenn Sandberg, Brian Stubbs, and Michele Tokar
Dave Augusma, Adrian Butler, Ramon Negron, Fred Onorato, and Shawn Rogers


Barry began the meeting by making a correction to the minutes of the September 16, 2008 Security and Facilities Group meeting: Annex staff are not required to sign a confidentiality agreement as previously reported in the Security and Facilities Group’s September 2008 minutes. UHR’s confidentiality agreement for staff with access to personnel files is under review by Libraries administration.

Report on RUPD Lock Down Presentation

Jill, Bill, and Barry reported on Officer Richard McGilvery’s presentation on lock down procedures that he gave to the Health and Safety Committee at its October 29, 2008 meeting. The group reviewed the minutes recorded by Sandy Troy that described Lock Down procedures. All were impressed with the quality of Officer McGilvery’s presentation, his preparation, and helpfulness in answering questions. The next step is for RUL to offer Officer McGilvery’s presentation to all library staff. Officer McGilvery has offered to assist staff at each library in selecting their “safe room.” The User Services Council (formerly Public Services Council) has been active in expressing the need for getting information to all staff on what they need to know in a lock down situation and what procedures should be followed in such emergency situations.

Review of Power Failure Procedures

The group examined the document “Power Failures” that is on page 22 of the current Emergency Manual. Barry discussed the power failure that occurred at 5:38 p.m. on Wednesday, November 12, 2008, affecting the Busch/Livingston Campuses. Power remained out for one hour and five minutes and, after discussion with Valeda Dent Goodman, the decision was made to close both Kilmer and LSM. Five minutes after making the closing announcement, power was restored campus-wide. Both libraries, then, reopened and had no further power problems for the remainder of the evening. The group also reviewed a draft of a document “Emergency Facility Calls—Initiated at Unit Libraries” that Judy Gardner had written after discussion with Access Services supervisors. The goal of the document is to clarify who places calls during day, night, and weekend hours of operation, and the calling chain to be used when, for emergency reasons, a library may need to be closed.

Report on Safety, Security, Access AUL Program

Susan, Jill, Bill, and Barry all attended the Safety, Security, Access program convened by Valeda on January 16, 2009. All agreed that the discussion of issues was a helpful forum for reviewing current policies and for airing out concerns of librarians and staff. The program coincided with the same-day introduction of PC Reservation software at Alexander. The group is hopeful that this software will help solve the problems some libraries have been experiencing. These problems include: 1) underage/unaccompanied by an adult youngsters whose use of computers has often prevented other Rutgers students from using them and whose behavior while playing online video games has often been disruptive to other users; 2) non-Rutgers visitors who may spend long periods of the day seated at a computer. Barry visited with Ryan Womack after the program and received from him a brief demonstration of the PC Reservation software.

The program revealed that there is confusion about how to interpret the section “Children’s Use of the Libraries and Electronic Resources” which is found under “User Conduct and Security” in Public Services Policy Memo 1 (“Access to Library Resources and Services”). Some librarians and computing staff have understood this to mean that teenagers under 18 can use the library but cannot use the computers unattended. Access Services staff have interpreted the memo to mean that no one under 18 may be in the library unless accompanied by an adult.

It was pointed out that the libraries are currently working with high schools on programs that would encourage their RUL use. It was agreed that some form of documentation or study arrangement would be needed to ensure that youngsters involved in these programs would be able to have access to the libraries. It was asked, but what about the young, self-directed learner who does not belong to one of the programs with which RUL has made arrangements? What is the libraries philosophy in providing service to such a young learner? If the libraries decide to provide access to users under the age of 18, changes will need to be made in both policies and procedures.

Questions were raised about the safety of staff members who close buildings, sometimes alone.

Valeda reported that she has had discussion with Public Safety regarding the option of having a uniformed guard present in Alexander but has been told that there are not enough personnel available to provide that on-site level of security service.

Incident Reports







Information Sharing

Jill and Barry /Kilmer – The elevator has been shut down since December 26th for scheduled maintenance upgrades by the ThyssenKrup Elevator Company. Because of problems encountered in getting parts for the 40-year-old elevator, the elevator is now out of service indefinitely.

Locking the front door has become increasingly difficult. Staff is concerned that the door will not be able to be locked. Facilities has been informed on several occasions, has examined the doors, and does not have a solution. The deterioration of the doors (the original doors from 1970), the history of repairs to them that his included adjustments made in the frames, filing of the striker plates, digging up and replacing patio portions abutting the door, filing of the floor plates, has left little to be further altered. Operations Area Manager Chris Small reports that even if money was acquired to purchase new doors (he is hoping for ADA funds), they would not be able to be installed until after the extensive construction work is completed outside the building (student center, dining hall). That work has cause the foundation of the patio to shift and ground water to get under the patio.

Bill/Alexander—Four new group study rooms have been completed and are available for use on the third floor of Alex. Both Francoise Puniello and Judy Gardner came to Alexander on December 29th when a water leak on the third floor caused damage to books in the Z collection. It was learned then, that the best way to contact REHS during night/weekend/holiday periods is through the Rutgers Police, who can then get a call through to an on- call REHS staff member.

Next meeting— Tuesday, February 17, 2009 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.—Location: Kilmer Library Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana (Electronic Classroom, Lower Level) and Robeson (Conference Room 290).

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