Strategic Plan Steering Committee: Charge and Members

Strategic Plan Steering Committee: Charge:

The Committee is charged with the writing of a strategic plan for the next five years for the Rutgers University Libraries. The plan will create a vision and set goals for how the Libraries will relate to the university and its constituencies and strategic partners. The plan itself will be a compact document that describes strategic directions for the next five years in the areas appropriate to a research library system that supports a university aspiring to be in the ranks of the top AAU universities. The plan will also set directions for the focus of resource allocations.

To complete its work, the committee will use the reports and documents amassed over the last year in preparation for this process: focus groups and liaison reports, communications audit, learning frameworks and symposium reports, futures symposium report, and the faculty diversity report. It will review strategic plans from other university libraries, planning materials and environmental scans from relevant professional organizations, and do its own environmental scan. It will coordinate input from various existing RUL committees and groups, such as the Assessment Committee, the Councils, the Instructional Services Committee, the Digital Architecture Working Group (DAWG), and will instruct them as to what advice and input it seeks. It will create subcommittees as necessary if no current group exists to provide advice and input in an area.

The committee is encouraged to be inclusive in its work and to hold public meetings and share progress during the development of the plan. A final plan is due by April 30.

Strategic Plan Steering Committee: Members:

Strategic Plan Subcommittees: Charge:

The following existing library committees and new groups will each be asked to provide input to the Strategic Plan Steering Committee in the form of a brief statement with recommended strategic directions related to their areas of expertise. If there are committees or working groups that report through any of the committees named (such as the Councils), the "parent" committee will incorporate their recommendations with their report. Where no specific committee or group exists, a staff member or librarian will be asked to convene a small advisory group of their choice for that area. Each group is requested to have their brief statements by January 15. The Steering Committee will consider these recommendations as they focus the Libraries overall directions for the next five years.

Strategic Plan Subcommittees and Conveners:

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