Minutes of August 6, 2003 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Stacy DeMatteo, Megan Doyle, Marilyn Herod, Marc Forster, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Megan Ingegno, Dean Meister
Pat Jones


Old Business

New Business

New Business

1. Student Contract- Marc

The group reviewed completed projects from last meeting to make final necessary revisions. Marc shared the latest version of the student contract, no corrections were needed.

2. Confidentiality memo- Rose

Rose shared the latest version of the Confidentiality memo; the group agreed to adjust the memo to fit on letterhead no other corrections were necessary.

3. Glossary of Terms- Stacy

Stacy and Yuhwei collaborated on the latest version of the Glossary of terms, adding relevant Collection Services vocabulary. The group agreed on all the changes and additions; Stacy will send the final version to Rose to add to the Student Guide.

4. Updated Student Guide- Rose/Marc

No further changes were made to the Student Guide since the last meeting. Marc and Rose will work on a cover for the guide before it is distributed at the end of the month.

5. Phone skills-Rose

Rose shared a draft of the “Phone Skills” section of the guide for the group to review. The group agreed with the content of the information. The “Phone Skills” section of the guide will be formatted to fit the design of the Student Guide and added before the Glossary of terms.

6. Student Guide Introduction-Priscilla

Priscilla shared her latest draft of the Department Introduction for the Student Guide. Kayla Reichardt helped Priscilla in writing the Collection Services description. The group reviewed the latest version and agreed that the Billing description needs more information. Priscilla will complete the final revisions and send to Rose next week.

7. Mission Statement- Marc

Marc shared with the group a draft he worked on for the group’s purpose statement. The group agreed to the following version:

"The purpose of the Student Assistant Functional Group is to assess student employee recruitment, training, management, and payroll procedures and implement improved processes in accordance with departmental and university regulations."

Rose will share this draft of the purpose statement with Farideh and Matthew for final revisions and approval.

8. Orientation packet supplies

Rose asked the group what their thoughts were on organizing and distributing the orientation packets. Rose stated that she will order supplies for the group as a whole and there was no need to make individual orders within your department. Most of the group agreed on having folders and a colored paper to print the guides. Rose will send out an email in the next week asking for supply orders, she asked that everyone think about the color of paper and number of folders they would need to request. Rose also asked that the group include any other supplies they need for student training such as business cards, folders, markers, etc.

New Business

1. Task list-Megan

Megan D. shared a task list that she uses for students working at the Chemistry library. Megan D. stated that this is useful especially for students who work alone during evening and weekend hours to help them with assignments and work they should complete while at work. This is a useful tool to aid branch library supervisors.

2. WebCT/quizzes and design- Megan/Rose

Megan and Rose again asked the group to visit Chemistry’s WebCT page to look over the contents and to take the student quizzes. Rose asked everyone to take the call number quiz so the answers can be reviewed as a group in the next meeting.

3. September Meeting

The group unanimously agreed to cancel the September meeting due to the volume of work that is expected during the first week of September for student coordinators and branch managers.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, October 1st – 2:30pm Place to be announced

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