Minutes of July 7, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Megan Doyle, Marc Forster, Megan Ingegno, Pat Jones, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Mike Mansouri
Natasha Owen


  1. Annual Report
  2. Project Updates
  3. Salary scales and job descriptions
  4. Review/update student guide and orientation packet
  5. Review job applications
  6. Retention rates for students
  7. August Meeting 8/4/04

Annual Report

Rose reviewed the past fiscal year’s goals from the annual report. Continued work on WebCT and the creation of standardized job descriptions and pay scales will be added to next fiscal year’s goals.

Project Updates

Rose would like everyone in the group to meet with her over the next two week to discuss each unit’s plan for WebCT. Pictures will be taken of the periodical counters at both LSM and Alex to be added to the WebCT site for collection services students.

Yuhwei shared with the group a list of FAQ’s for collection services students at Alex. These FAQ’s will be added to the WebCT site for September.

“Guidelines for hiring vouchers” will be revised to include more comprehensive interview questions and complete details on making changes in payroll for current vouchers. Updated form will be brought to the August meeting for review.

Salary scales and job descriptions

As part of this year’s goals for the SAFG, detailed job descriptions for each unit with standardized pay scales for vouchers will be created. Within the new pay scales raises for vouchers will be more standardized across the units, which will aid in retention of good part-time employees.

Review/update student guide and orientation packet

The group reviewed current student guide and agreed that no new updates are needed at this time. Rose reminded the group the current orientation packet information is available to print from the NBL site under documentation for the SAFG.

Marc will update last year’s cover of the student guide to reflect the new fiscal year.

Anyone who is in need of folders or other supplies for student orientations in September should email Rose by the 2nd week of August.

Review job application

Most group members brought the current application being used at their units to hire  voucher employees. To aid in filtering out unnecessary interviews for prospective  job  openings  the group had some suggestions and format changes for a revised application. The group would like to see an enhanced past job experience and job  skills  section  as  well  as  a  section  of questions such as: How were you referred to the job?  Have  you  ever  worked  in  a  library before?…

Megan I. has created a revised application and interview survey that she will forward to Rose.

Rose will forward all comments and application examples to Charlene in Administration for review before the next meeting.

Retention rates for students

Improving the current application and interview process will aid in hiring a better group of part-time employees.

Being able to create a standardized pay scale and pay raises will also aid in keeping good employees to the library.

Information Sharing

Group discussed pros and cons to giving student recommendations. Rose reminded the group that only very basic information such as hire dates can be given out. More formal/detailed recommendations are generally given after a waiver from the student is signed. A waiver is necessary to ensure we are not liable for a past employee not getting a job based on a recommendation given by us to a prospective employer. Before the August meeting Rose will look further into University Regulations for giving recommendations for past employees.

Group discussed obtaining parking permits for those students who work during evening and weekends hours. Currently most students working on the Busch Campus have to park in the stadium lot and take a shuttle to the library. This brings up potential safety issues for those students working until closing and after midnight. Rose will contact parking for more information on getting temporary permits for those students during “off peak” hours.

Next meeting

Wednesday, August 4th 2:30pm
Place TBA

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