Minutes of August 4, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Megan Doyle, Jazmine Faherty, Megan Ingegno, Pat Jones, Priscilla Lee, Yuhwei Ling, Mike Mansouri, Natascha Owens
Marc Forster
Kristen Ko, Penny Weniger


  1. Updates from July Meeting
  2. Review updated Hiring Guidelines
  3. Fall Workstudy Students
  4. Pilot group orientations at Alex
  5. Information Sharing


Meeting opened welcoming Jazmine Faherty to the SAFG representing the Annex. Penny Weniger and Kristen Ko are sitting in on the meeting. Natascha Owens will be joining the group representing Alexander Collection Services and Pat Jones will be retiring on August 20.

September meeting falls on the first day of classes. Rose will talk with Roger about possible rescheduling dates.

Updates from July Meeting

Rose added both Alex and LSM Collection Service’s icons to the WebCT page. Rose has met with every NBL unit over July to discuss plans for WebCT, FAQ’s were assigned at each unit and should be given to Rose by Monday, August 16th. Group was reminded to view the WebCT page over the next couple of weeks, as there will be many additions.

Rose has emailed Joe Delaney from Teaching Excellence Center to discuss a WebCT workshop specifically designed for our group. The workshop will be held in either October or November in lieu of our FG meeting.

Megan I. created and shared a draft of an updated job application with the group. Everyone in the group agreed that the application was a big improvement to the current one being used. Rose will forward the revised application to the appropriate parties to see if the changes can be implemented.

A manager from RU Human Resources reviewed RU policies on giving job references with Rose. Currently there are no policies regarding giving or writing recommendations for employees and we can choose to write letters of recommendations if we are comfortable to do so. Generally give as little information as possible and only answer questions you feel comfortable to answer. Usually the employee’s job description and dates of employment in the department should be sufficient for a reference. Regarding official job verifications through Human Resources, only dates of employment and title of the position can be given out without consent of employee. If employee consents in writing to disclosing information dates of employment, title and salary can be disclosed. Requests for official employment verifications can be directly made to RU Human Resources by the employee. Roger has asked that requests for official employment verifications from past employees be forwarded to him.

Review updated Hiring Guidelines

Draft of Hiring Guidelines is not yet completed. Finals revisions will be brought to the September meeting for review.

Fall Workstudy Students

Admin offices should be receiving lists from student employment offices on returning students by the second week of August. Rose suggested contacting the returning students before fall semester starts, encouraging students to set up work schedules early.

Pilot group orientations at Alex

Priscilla and Rose would like to set up group orientations for new students in September. There will be two sessions the first and second week of school one in the afternoon and the other in the evening. The orientation will cover basic RUL policies, the current orientation packet and call numbers. Rose will share the dates of orientation with the group and member of the group is more than welcome to send their students to the sessions if they cannot set up a time to complete orientation at their units.

Information Sharing

Ray attended workshop on Student Supervising and mentioned that it was very informative and useful.

Group discussed ways to improve student communication between supervisor and employee. Keeping an open mind to other facets of the students life at RU helps in establishing a good rapport.

Georgina mentioned the Student Affairs workshop from last November and advised the group into looking at this coming years event to see if we anyone would be interested in attending.

Next Meeting

Friday, September 10th 2:30pm
Place TBA

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