Minutes of January 5, 2005 meeting

Rose Barbalace(recorder), Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Megan Ingegno, Mike Mansouri, Natascha Owens, Chiaki Yamada
Priscilla Lee, Georgina Alonzo
Yuhwei Ling
Kristen Ko, Joe Asaro


  1. Announcements
  2. WebCT updates
  3. Review student safety reminders
  4. Review Job Description assignments
  5. Standardized online staff directory

1. Announcement

Recently administration proposed the possibility of sharing applications across NBL, when an applicant applies at one location it can be easily accessed by everyone during the hiring process. The group discussed adding a sentence or two on the current application asking the applicant if they wanted their application to be shared with other NBL libraries. The group agreed it would be a good idea, Rose will add this topic to February’s agenda for more detailed plan of action.

2. WebCT updates

Rose will be available in January to work with anyone who needs to add to their current WebCT page. Everyone should be ready to have students start using WebCT regularly for the spring semester.

During next month’s meeting the group will start working on standardized quizzes and training tools for the main WebCT page.

3. Review student safety reminders

Rose shared the security document that Georgina wrote from the Student Safety workshop held at Douglass Library in November. The group reviewed the document and Rose asked that she be emailed with any other additions or corrections.

Rose will work with Georgina in reformatting the document in HTML and placing it on the WebCT page.

4. Review Job Description assignments

The group reviewed job descriptions that have been handed in so far. Since the information is very detailed Rose will compile all the data into one format and send it to everyone to review for changes and corrections later in the month. Rose asked that anyone who has not yet completed their job description do so by Tuesday 1/18.

5. Standardize online staff directory

Marc was able to share the preliminary layout of the desktop directory project. The group was able to view the desktop from one of the circulation terminals at Alexander. Overall the content and information presented was highly praised by everyone. Marc will continue to work on the design and layout. Marc will also be able to add specific needs or highly used functions to the desktop for each unit. Rose asked everyone to send any other suggestions or comments to Marc while he is working or the redesign.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, February 2nd 2:30pm

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