Minutes of April 6, 2005 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Megan Ingegno, Meghan Lord, Mike Mansouri, Natascha Owens, Chiaki Yamada, Linda Zuckerman
Judy Gardner


  1. Announcements
  2. Update on current projects
  3. Work-study moving to Voucher Account - new payroll policy
  4. Student Appreciation Week plans
  5. WebCT assignments for the Summer

1. Announcements

The group welcomed two new members to the SAFG, Meghan Lord from the SERC Reading Room and Linda Zuckerman from Alexander Collection Services.

Rose shared Meganís updated emergency contacts form with the group. After sharing the form in the last Coordinators meeting some suggestions were made. Megan will update with preferred check boxes for email addresses and phone numbers.

2. Update on current projects

Rose will be meeting with Nita and Andy to review job description details and to go over standard qualifications and or requirements for Collection Management, RDS and Branches. The group would like to see the draft phase of this project completed by the end of May.

Marc informed the group on the current status of the desktop directory. Since this project has significantly progressed since the group last saw the project, Rose has asked Marc to make the desktop directory available to view for both the next Coordinators meeting and SAFG meeting.

3. Work-study moving to Voucher Account Ė new payroll policy

Rose distributed an email from Bill Puglisi on a new payroll policy implemented the previous payroll cycle. RUL payroll needs to be made aware of all work-study students running low on funds. It is up to student supervisors to keep track of each work-study students award and how much is paid out on their award each pay period. RUL payroll wants to know the exact date to switch a work-study student onto our voucher accounts. We can no longer charge a credit to the work-study studentís award.

Rose will distribute an excel spreadsheet used to calculate and keep track of work-study award expenditures for each pay period to anyone who requests the program.

4. Student Appreciation Week Plans

The group shared their plans for student appreciation week (April 10th to April 16th).

Kilmer Access Services and Media Services are throwing a joint party to honor their students on Thursday, April 14th. LSM will also be having a party on Thursday, April 14th inviting all departments in LSM as well as branch libraries on the Busch campus. <>Douglass is having a pizza and ice cream gathering for their student employees on Wednesday, April 13th. Alexander Library is throwing a large building party for all student employees at Alexander on Tuesday, April 12th in the Pane Room.

Collection Services at Alexander is having an all week celebration where snacks and treats will be left for the students throughout student appreciation week.

5. WebCT assignments for the Summer

Rose would like the group to start thinking of training quizzes they would like to implement in the fall for student training. The group will be developing standard call number quizzes as well as work on training quizzes for RDS, Circulation and Reserves.

Several group members suggested coordinating with the RDS, Circulation and the Reserve functional groups on developing questions for training as well as outline exactly what is required of a student worker in each of these areas at each unit.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, May 4th 2:30pm

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