Minutes of November 3, 2005 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace(recorder), Jazmine Faherty, Marc Forster, Addie Fuller, Megan Ingegno, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Chiaki Yamada, Adam Wolfson, Linda Zuckerman
Maggie Harris


  1. Announcements
  2. Student Security Workshop Update
  3. Student Life Conference November 11th
  4. WebCT Vista Workshop (Megan and Chiaki)
  5. Review New Group Name and Purpose Statement Proposals
  6. Information Sharing
  7. Next Meeting Wednesday 12/07/2005


The group welcomed Adam Wolfson to the meeting. Adam will be the group’s new Chang Science Library representative. -After our first teleconference meeting in October a few suggestions for a more streamlined and settled meeting were discussed. Rose suggested the group try not to have side conversations close to the microphone as well as not to shuffle paper by a microphone. Also if a remote site cannot hear part of a conversation, or hear who is speaking, to let Rose know and she will paraphrase the discussion for the microphone. -Rose, Addie and Chiaki will be attending a Metro workshop on “Successful Management of Student Employees”. The workshop will be held the last week of November. More information on the workshop and any new strategies to share on student management will be shared in December’s meeting.

Student Security Workshop Update

The security workshop for all part-time employees was presented on Wed October 19th and Thur October 20th. There was a low turnout on both days for this important workshop. Penny and Rose will discuss other possible locations and times for future workshops in order to get a larger turnout. The group discussed the possibility of making the workshop mandatory and part of the student’s initial orientation for working at the library.

Student Life Conference November 11th

The 9th annual Student Life Conference will be held at the Busch Student Center on November 11th. Rose, Georgina and Marc have attended past conferences and have found some of the sessions very useful. Rose will not be attending this year’s conference but encourages those who have not gone in the past but are interested to look at the website for information on this year’s theme and break out session topics.

WebCT Vista Workshop (Megan and Chiaki)

Both Chiaki and Megan attended the WebCT Vista workshop held at the end of October. The session introduced the latest version of WebCT, which will replace the current version we are using in the Spring if the University chooses WebCT over Sakai. -WebCT and Blackboard will be merging.

Megan reports that our current WebCT pages and information contained within WebCT can be easily transferred to WebCT Vista. WebCT Vista’s interface looks completely different and the newest version also eliminates a few key steps in creating and adding information to WebCT, making it a little easier to use compared to the current version.

Review New Group Name and Purpose Statement Proposals

Rose passed around the results from the recent poll of potential group names. Out of eight possible names, 4 had the majority of the votes. The following four names will be forwarded to Judy for review. Student Coordinator Group RUL Student Coordinators Student Assistant Supervisory Group Student Coordination and Training Council-Rose passed around the current version of the group’s purpose statement for review. Overall the group thought that the current statement encompasses most of what our group does but would like to rephrase the following sentence to include Camden and Newark. [“The group will explore opportunities for resource sharing.”] The group would also like to add a sentence on “standardization of practices and training”. Rose will revise the purpose statement and share it with the group before the next meeting.

Information Sharing

Megan is working on call number quizzes and tutorials with the Collection Management functional group. Megan will bring in examples of what she has been working on in the December meeting. -Chiaki reports that a student employee was fired at Douglass. The group discussed the possibility of having a “Do Not Hire” list to be used among staff to check if a student has been let go from another library unit before hiring them. Rose will discuss the possibility with Roger and Judy.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
Media Classroom, Kilmer Library 2:30 pm.

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