Minutes of February 1, 2006 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton(recorder), Alfreda Richardson, Adam Wolfson, Chiaki Yamada, Linda Zuckerman
Jazmine Faherty, Addie Fuller, Maggie Harris, Megan Ingegno
Roger Smith


  1. Announcements
  2. Student of the Year - Nominations due 2/8/06
  3. Online Application Sub Group Update
  4. WebCT Updates and File clean-up
  5. Student Evaluation Discussion
  6. Timetrak 9.0 Update
  7. Next meeting - Wednesday March 1, 2006; 2:30 pm.

1. Announcements

The Group welcomed Alfreda Richardson to the meeting. Alfreda is the Groupís new representative from SERC Reading Room.

Rose briefly reviewed the email received from Admin regarding requests for workstudy students for summer and next academic year. These forms are available online and due to your Administrator by 2/15/06.

Rose discussed a point made by Marc that our student agreement form and manual may be misconstrued as a contractual agreement. Roger will send the agreements to UHR for review but stated that meanwhile we should continue their use. This highlighted the importance of keeping documentation of any disciplinary issues with students.

2. Student of the Year Nominations

Rose encouraged supervisors to nominate exceptional students. Alex Access Services plans to nominate about 10 student workers who they feel exceed standards of reliability, flexibility, initiative and going the extra mile. Rose suggested obtaining input from other staff members and supervisors on students who do not work directly for the coordinator. It is thought that all nominees and guests are invited to a dinner. Rose will verify this.

3. Online Application Sub Group Update

This Sub Group (Rose, Megan and Adam) met to discuss an online student employee application process. Initially they reviewed the paper employment application and recommended a number of revisions. They felt that the last name and first name should be on two lines, not one, as this would lead to greater clarity. The Group discussed using last name versus family or surname. The group questioned the use of social security number or status of citizenship on the paper application. A question as to whether the candidate had ever worked for RUL before was added to the end of the form.

Format and access of an online application were discussed. A searchable database would be preferred giving the option to search by campus location, hours available, skills and Grad/Ugrad status. This may not be technically feasible. The group will look at all parameters required and how we wish to access the information as well as software and programming needs for the project.

This led to a discussion of whether it was necessary to compile a formal list of former student workers as an information tool for hiring. Roger proposed and the group agreed that this information should not be formalized, but instead coordinators could discuss these situations among themselves offering recommendations or cautionary comments on request.

4. WebCT Updates and File Clean up

Rose requested that everyone transfer their files from the My-Files folder to their own folders. The RDS Group have placed a Quiz on WebCT and Collection Management Group have posted a call number tutorial. Rose would like group member to review these quizzes and assess their suitability as a training tool. This will be discussed at the next meeting

Rose feels that although the University is trying to cut back on the number of online systems in use, it will continue to support several for some time and encouraged everyone to continue to use WebCT and develop their sites.

5. Student Evaluation Forms

The Group discussed the current evaluation forms and the evaluation process. The consensus was that the forms were not used very frequently and usually only in a negative situation.

Roger felt that the process of evaluation was more important than the form itself. The form could be used to drive the process or another method could be used instead. It was decided to consider having a mid term meeting with all student workers, in March, in order to assess their performance, using the form as a guideline. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Student appreciation week was discussed briefly and will be re-visited at the next meeting.

6. Timetrak 9.0 update:

Rose, Marc, Georgina and Roger are part of Nancy Hendricksonís task force on the update of Timetrak. The new version will be live on 02/28/06.

There are 3 subgroups of the task force. Roger is involved in the Policy and Procedures group who are working on documentation for pay check distribution, a revised procedures manual and communication issues. Rose is working with the Training group on documentation for students in use of the new system to clock in and out. There is also a Testing group.

Coordinators and administrators will need to attend a training session this month. Six possible dates will be offered.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Media Classroom, Kilmer Library at 2:30 pm.

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