Minutes of August 2, 2006 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Rose Barbalace, Marc Forster, Mike Mansouri, Gillian Newton, Alfreda Richardson, Rae Wong, Chiaki Yamada, Linda Zuckerman
Jazmine Faherty
Krista Dandurand, Kristin Ko


  1. Announcements
  2. Orientation Packets - final edit reviews and orders for Fall
  3. Fall Orientation Sessions
  4. Review Type 4 (casual staff) policy and procedures
  5. Job Descriptions and voucher minimum wage increases
  6. "New" Online Student Employment/Job Reference site sub group
  7. Next meeting - October 4th, 2:30pm, Location TBA

1. Announcements:

2. Orientation Packets - final edit reviews and order for Fall

Rose asked for volunteers to assist with assembling 250 to 300 Orientation packets during the week of August 21st. These will be mailed to the units on August 24th-August 25th.

Rose will make final edits on the Student Handbook and email this to group members for review. Any further changes or suggestions are required by August 15th. Judy Gardner's letter will be updated. The Employment Agreement letter is currently with the University Counsel. Roger is awaiting a response from them as to whether the letter may be included as is or needs revision. Rose is working on obtaining enough Campus Maps to include also. There was a discussion as to whether to include the Clocktrak instruction sheet in the package.

Mike requested that Rose send the files for the information that is included in the packets so that Coordinators could make up their own packets if they run out. Rose will do this. Rose asked all Coordinators how many orientation packets they would need.

3. Fall Orientation Sessions

There will be 6 or 7 Orientations held throughout September, probably beginning Friday 7th or if not during the second week. They will be held on afternoons and evenings, with a possible weekend session if there is a need for this. All sessions will be held in the Pane Room at Alexander Library. Dates and times will be confirmed the last week of August. The format will be the same as last year. All Coordinators are welcome to send new students to these sessions.

Rose reminded everyone that summer work study funds will end on August 25. Fall work study allotment begins on September 5. So one week will have to be covered by voucher employees if this is possible.

Rose mentioned the new Work Study department web site, which is currently being tested. It is hoped that in the future Coordinators will be able to log in and review their student information, make additions, changes and track funds. This will greatly cut down on the amount of paperwork currently required.

4 Review Type 4 (casual staff) policy and procedure

Type 4 employees are non-student part time staff. Rose distributed a copy of the Type 4 Library Procedures compiled by Sandy Troy in Human Resources. Type 4 employees working over 20 hours per week must be taken off payroll for one month a year. The group felt that the wording of the "Reporting Rule" and the "Not Subject to the Reporting Rule" was not very clear. Rose will request further clarification from Sandy.

5. Job Descriptions and voucher minimum wage increases

Rose distributed new pay scale information. The new rate has four steps. Any voucher student currently paid less than $7.15 per month must be increased to that minimum effective September 1st. Other voucher employees may be given a raise only if the budget allows.

Roger would like student job descriptions put up on a Job Reference web site, together with the online student application forms and available jobs.

6. "New" Online Student Employment/Job Reference site sub group

Rose asked for volunteers to work as a sub group on the Job Reference web site. Krista, Gillian and Alfreda offered to work with Rose. Marc will provide technical assistance. Firefox Nvu may be used for this.

7. Other Business

8. Next Meeting

October 4, 2:30pm, Location TBA

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