Minutes of October 8, 2014 meeting

Elsa Alves, Rose Barbalace, Stacey Carton, Maggie Harris-Clark, Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee (recorder), Mike Mansouri, Chiaki Mills, Nita Mukherjee, Jennifer Reiber, Jacqui Ridzy, Daphne Roberts, Eddie Suarez, Linda Zuckerman


  1. Announcements
  2. Customer Service Libguide http://libguides.rutgers.edu/student_training
  3. Student Advisory – Ugrad Experience Team
  4. Upcoming projects
  5. Information Sharing
  6. Next Meeting - Thurs 11/6 2pm

1) Announcements

Work study funding will be placed on hold during Winter Break, and Spring Break. Any work study students working during these time periods will be paid out of the department’s voucher account.

In previous years, work study students had access to the entire $2000 annual award for the entire academic year. This year, the work study office declared that students would be restricted to $1000/semester. Rose will find out if this rule will be strictly enforced.

Minimum wage is likely to go up again in January. This will affect how quickly work study students use up their work study funds. There is also the possibility that the work study program end date will be changed to sometime before the end of the academic year in May 2015. If this happens, departments that continued to employ work study students would have to charge their hours to the voucher account.

New Students

New training videos have been posted to the web.

Many units have found the new student orientation and training period to be hectic.

Those who have used the LC call number powerpoint and the “Missing book training tutorial” created by the Collection Management Group to be very helpful with training.

2) Customer Service

Some units have started using the Customer Service Libguide. It seems to be well-received by student employees.

Rose wants to hold two training workshops for more in-depth customer service training. These workshops would be approximately 1 hour long where the students would participate in skits and discussions. The group will work on creating this workshop over the next year.

3) Student Advisory

The Undergraduate Experience Team would like to create a Student Advisory team. Current student workers could participate in the Student Advisory team by attending a meeting with the Undergraduate Experience Team 2-3 times a year and/or complete surveys through email. The goal is to survey student employees about some upcoming programs the group has devised or to discuss ideas for new programming. Food will be provided during in person meetings, but it has not yet been determined if the students would be paid for their time. Group will discuss further at November’s meeting.

4) Suggested Projects

In addition to the customer service workshops, the group has suggested working on creating more training videos in tandem with the Collection Management Group.

Priscilla suggested contacting Counseling, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) to schedule a training session with the group. The training would focus on helping the student coordinators to identify signs of distress in their student employees and to provide the appropriate type of assistance to them.

5) Information Sharing

Stacey: Is looking for scheduling software that would make it easier for Media and the Fordham Lab to coordinate their student employees. Douglass will be holding its annual Halloween costume party.

Daphne: DVDs are now available for students to borrow. They are shelved in the rotunda at Douglass.

Elsa & Maggie: Would like a refresher course on RIAS to be given in the summer just before the Fall semester begins.

Linda: DTS is moving to TSB. The current deadline for the move to be completed is January 1, 2015. It has yet to be determined how she will handle the students as someone will need to man the desk at Alexander while the rest of the department is on Busch.

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