Minutes of October 7, 2015 meeting

Rose Barbalace (co-chair), Stacey Carton (recorder), Liza Kostic, Priscilla Lee, Chiaki Mills (co-chair), Jean Madden, Stephanie Mikitish , Jacquelyn Ridzy, Daphne Roberts, Eddie Suarez, David Williams, Linda Zuckerman
Elsa Alves, Janet Giorgio, Maggie Harris-Clark


  1. Announcements
  2. Student Listserv
  3. Extended Hour Pay Raises and Work Study Supervisory Positions
  4. Training Workshops
  5. Scheduling Software
  6. Information Sharing
  7. Next Meeting - Thursday, November 5, 2015

1) Announcements

Please email your department's work study allotments to Chiaki and Rose so they will have the numbers for the mid-year report.

2) Student Listserv

Lily Todorinova wants to administer a survey to undergraduate student workers about their use of Wikipedia. She is awaiting IRB approval. Once approved, the survey will be sent to the newly created hourly employees listserv.

The listserv will be used to disseminate information pertaining to library policy changes, library closings, surveys, etc.

3) Extended Hour Pay Raises and Work Study Supervisory Positions

Extended hours pay raises are on hold as we await budget decisions.

Student Employment Office offers a supervisory work-study position starting at $13.00/hr. The libraries can move current work-study students into the higher pay level but will need to evaluate costs to also increase voucher pay rates to $13 for students working similar shifts. Discussion will continue at next SCG meeting after budget meeting with supervisors and admin can be scheduled.

4) Training Workshops

A Safety and Awareness workshop for student workers will be held in November encompassing: user conduct, facilities issues, dealing with difficult patrons, harassment, evacuation, late night incidents, etc. RUPD will not be asked to present due to the expected length of the workshop. Rose, Chiaki, Eddie and Stephanie are part of the subgroup working on this workshop.

Workshop focusing on navigating RUL website is being planned for February.

5) Scheduling Software

Rose and Chiaki met with Sam McDonald and Yuhwei Ling to discuss scheduling software needs and capabilities. Several program options were discussed but ultimately we need to work with a product that would utilize Central Authentication Service (CAS) for net ID authentication. As per their recommendation, Rose and Chiaki will demo LibStaffer by Springshare.

6) Information Sharing

Eddie (LSM) has an overflow of work study students due to transfers from Physics and SERC.

Dave (Imaging Services) is cross-training students in Imaging and DTS.

7) Next Meeting

Thursday, November 5, 2015, 2:30 in the University Librarian's Conference Room

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