Minutes of October 9, 2003 meeting

I. Bogus; P. Cabelli, , S. Cardinale; J. Kaufman; K. Reichardt; M. Sheehy; G. Smulewitz (recorder)
M. Tomaszewicz


1. Preceding meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted.

2. G. Smulewitz reported on the LIS meeting and the impact the new release will have on each function in Workflows. The team evaluated how we have evaluated upgrades in the past and whether this process should also consider work other than serials checkin that is performed by the department. Many of our activities are related to cataloging. Also many institutions consider MARC holdings implementation as part of the cataloging responsibility. The group decided that each action performed in Workflows by the department should be noted and then determine what category within Workflows applies to that action. The timetable for developing the new method to evaluate upgrades for our department is: by Oct 23rd the list of actions performed and related Workflows function should be completed; by Oct. 30th a new checklist created. Nov. 1st begin evaluation process of upgrades. Have results complete by Dec. 4th for LIS meeting.

3. I. Bogus reported on the progress of the LINCPlus beta testing. It appears that once the product is finished the workflow for identifying bindable units and transferring that data to LINCPlus will have to be changed. Material will be charged to the bindery user and discharged en masse, by lots. This change will determine who performs the bindery and holdings work for bindable units. The reporting structure for that work, whether it is the Bindery Processing Group or the Holdings Maintenance Group was discussed.

The two individuals who have performed these processes so far are members of both groups. The amount of time spent on each aspect of the work is a concern. It was decided to increase A. DeChavez’s time on the bindery module by ˝ hr each day. A suggestion was made to perform a time study per binding unit. The study should include prep for bind, adding to the software and the holdings work. This will help to determine the time needed to perform the total process.

4. M. Sheehy presented the final version of the CS-User proposal. This paper explains the circumstances in which material being sent to the hubs by Access Services staff should be charged to the Collection Services Users: CS-Alex and CS-LSM. Collection Services will have two contacts in each location for Access Services staff in case there are questions about material charged to those users. The contacts are: Ian Bogus and Susan Brower at Alex, Melody T. and Jamie Maguire at LSM. The contacts at Access Services for these issues are Jeff Teichman at Alex and Michelle Tokar at LSM. All material defined in the document will be charged to these users by Access services staff , Collection Services will discharge them once work is completed and send them back to the library. For material from branches and units other than the hubs, material discharged will have a status of “in-transit” and will have to be changed at the appropriate library. Internal workflows for discharging material were discussed.

5. K. Reichardt discussed the Extended Info Project. The intent of the project is to standardize instructions in the Ext Info folder of the Serials Control record to make all processing instructions complete. The purpose of the standardization is to promote consistency in processing and a reduction in receiving errors.. Two students are working on the project along with Kayla and where standards have already been established, records have been changed. Kayla distributed prototypes of receiving instructions for categories of material. Once standards are established for these categories, then staff looking at a particular Extended Info folder will know the type of material being received at a quick glance. For example the layout of information in a periodical Extended Info folder will be consistent in all records so that the category “periodical” will easily be identifiable, the same will apply to annuals, recurring order etc. Also, all necessary instructional information will be in the record and represented consistently

Everyone in Collection Services needs to be aware of the standards and tools used to create the standards. Keyboard Express key strokes must be distributed.

Chemistry library has completed all 119 titles
Physics – has 50% complete - 131 titles
Art and Dglss were done earlier as test beds.

Receivers and all who work with control records are being told not to adjust records for now for the following libraries:

Kayla will send out an email to the department regarding this project.

6. Round Robin



Next meeting: November 13th at 1:30 at LSM.

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