Minutes of February 12, 2004 meeting

K. Reichardt[Chair], I. Bogus[Recorder], S. Cardinale, M. Tomaszewicz, P. Cabelli, G. Smulewitz, A. Ruggerio [guest]
J. Kaufman


  1. CSD Website – KR & AR
  2. TSC & LIS update – GS
  3. Project Reports – All

CSD Website

  1. KR and AR have been working on a proposal to redo the Department Website. A number of mock pages were submitted for approval.
  2. The Meeting Minutes section within each team will show the latest three entries, and a link to the archive of all meeting minutes. There was a suggestion to include a search feature for the Meeting Minutes. AR will look into this possibility
  3. A number of suggestions were made for the main CSD page.
    • A mission statement will be added to the top, and a link to this statement should be placed on the Department Resources page.
    • Each team will have the main responsibilities summarized and the Team Leader clearly listed. There will also be a link directly to current decisions.
  4. The CMFG will also have a page since the responsibilities are now falling under the CSD scope.
  5. The possibility of a link to Department Guidelines on the bottom of the pages was mentioned.
  6. Documents and procedures should have links to and from relevant teams.
  7. Prototypes will be set up using KR’s groups as examples. Each team should look at their own pages and evaluate them.

Report of the TSC and LIS – GS

1. TSC

2. LIS

Project Reports

  1. MT
    • Students have been trained to help with her projects.
    • Statistics for the inventory project are being kept, but they are faulty. The mentors will review these and the decisions will be brought to the units.
    • There is a question of where to put books for the LSM weeding project. Newark and Camden have a two week period of time to respond to items being withdrawn, though with 500 items a week being pulled holding space is quickly running out. This issue is currently the largest bottleneck for this project.
    • it was suggested that students could have their own login’s on staff’s computers, especially those who travel to different locations.
  2. PC
    • Akram is spending three days a week working on the Serials Inventory Project. Kadri is being trained to help if and when Evan leaves Veronica’s training is progressing quite well.
  3. IB
    • Five LINCPlus licenses have been purchased for Rutgers and will be installed in all locations processing bindery. The Bindery Team is working on standardization for the Binding Folder to be implemented for all NBL serials.
    • MT and IB discussed how the Bindery Team would take over the Bound Holdings responsibility.
    • Charging items will be the responsibility of the Bindery Team.
  4. SC
    • The CSD office at LSM has had the drop ceilings replaced in the main room.
    • SC has worked very hard in getting the faulty phone system fixed.
    • LSM personnel has been informed of some new guidelines for training students.
    • Pat is now processing the student payroll.
    • The Math Xerox room is currently being cleaned up.
  5. KR
    • Some examples for the Ext. Info. project were distributed to the group and they looked very good.
    • KR has been trying to get SMLR’s records ready so that CSD can normalize their workflow once problems with the records are adjusted.
    • KR has been creating a number of procedure manuals and flow charts. Every focus group should follow this example.
  6. Assignments

    • All Team Leaders will look at their team websites and what should be there.
    • AR will set up some prototype pages.
    • IB will make condition designations ASAP
    • HFG will look at CD standards
    • IB, MT and AM will get together to look at conditions regarding the LSM Weeding Project
    • The Bindery Team will create Binding Folder standards

    Next meeting will be held at LSM on March 11th at 1:30 PM

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