Minutes of May 6, 2004 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz, Paul Cabelli, Sal Cardinale, Ian Bogus, Melody Tomaszewicz, Andy Martinez, Julie Kaufman [recorder,] and Christina Bilinski [observing]


  1. LIS report – GS
  2. Technical Services Council – GS
  3. Organizational review – everyone
  4. Webpage design continued – what should we expect from groups – everyone
  5. Batch work – how has it been used, other uses? – MT
  6. Report on MARCIVE – PC
  7. Collection Management projects – AM
  8. LINCPlus status – IB

Before beginning the agenda items for the meeting, Gracemary welcomed everyone and explained that this meeting was being videotaped and observed by Christina Bilinski so that we can analyze how we hold meetings and areas where we could improve.

  1. Gracemary reported on the last LIS meeting, which was mainly preparation for attending the users group meeting. There were no major serials issues on the agenda for the users group meeting, so Gracemary did not attend. Members of the LIS group reported from the conference that SIRSI 2004 might be installed. If this happens, there will be some significant changes that will need to be tested and our testing documentation will need to be reviewed and possibly updated.
  1. The Technical Services Council did not meet this past month.
  1. The organizational review was postponed- to be discussed at the next meeting.
  1. Everyone reported on the status of online documentation for the focus groups and functional groups that they are part of. In general, we agreed that procedures and documentation are old and need to be looked at, revised and updated on the web page. Gracemary suggested that as we perform procedures, we should document what we are doing and that can provide the base for writing procedures. We should also look for crossovers between different procedures and then we can borrow parts that are relevant. The group also discussed projects and that there is a need to establish who is responsible for what both in projects and in our routine workflows. Gracemary suggested that the creation of flowcharts would be helpful. The group agreed that this would provide more perspective as to "who does what." The group also discussed how we represent the Collection Management group (members and issues from both Access and Collection Services) on the web page. It was decided that a link to the page should be provided from the Collection Services page.
  1. Melody reported on the "Major issues…" project. "Major issues…" is a title that comes on microfilm and is shelved in DOC-M-FILM at ALEX. Many different articles covering various subjects are on each reel of film and the boxes needed to be barcoded so that they could be checked out. The bibliographic records needed to be connected similarly to "bound with" titles using a "filmed with" note instead. This was going to be done singly and would have been a fairly large project. Chris Sterbeck said that he could run a report through SIRSI that would enable the work to be "batched." This was done and the individual bib records were joined in an automated way instead of manually. Thus saving lots of time. Melody said that missing titles in the LSM weeding project are now being batched using a similar method. Andy reported that the Douglass REF to FOLIO transfers have been done by scanning the barcodes into a palm pilot and then having the item’s sub-location changed automatically through systems. Gracemary commented that these new processes are fantastic, but that each process needs to be reviewed by a group before implementing, in order to look for possible pitfalls and exceptions. Along these lines, there is training coming up for many people in the department to utilize the reports function in SIRSI and this should be followed up with a discussion of the logic and limitations of reports.
  1. Paul distributed statistics for the MARCIVE project to the group [available here found under statistics: http://nbl/nbl_collection_services/gmain.asp#procedures.] Since the project began in August 2002, 50,000 records have been loaded. In addition to the monthly stats that Paul distributed, he explained that daily statistics are being kept and then summarized. These statistics have helped to quantify the project. More analysis is needed, but they have already been very helpful.
  1. Andy reported on Collection Management projects. The project to remove materials from Special Collections at LSM is continuing. Items on the carts have brief records and have been inventoried. Items in the glassed-in shelves still need to be reviewed by selectors. The weeding project at LSM is also ongoing. The backlog on the 3rd floor has somewhat decreased. The Douglass REF to FOLIO project is done as far as record maintenance is concerned, however the volumes still need to be relabeled. The Art REF to STACKS move is now in progress. New shelving at the Art library is scheduled to be installed the end of May/ beginning of June. The weeding should be done by then. ALEX Recon is ongoing and a complete inventory is on the horizon.
  1. Ian reported on the status of LINCPlus. The new release looks good but there are a lot of projects (repairs backlog, history project, SMLR project, and NJ DOCS) currently in bindery that need to be cleared out before the end of the fiscal year [June 30th] so it has not yet been implemented. Originally all entries were going to be duplicated in LINCPlus and ABLE in order to verify accuracy, however, due to other demands that is not possible so bindery will do a small test bed of materials instead. The next bindery shipment will be done completely in LINCPlus if all goes well. Gracemary commented that bindery changes have resulted in binding now being $.90 cheaper per bindable unit (over $6000 at Alex this year.) Music scores are $7.00 cheaper per unit. LINCPlus will create additional savings in staff time.
  1. Andy brought up an additional question regarding serials that are shelved in STACKS and DOC that circulate and how Access Services staff can determine this. Gracemary commented that this is a large and complex issue that should be addressed as an agenda item in a future meeting.




Next meeting: June 10th Location: ALEX
Time: 1:30 pm

Next recorder: Andy Martinez
Back up recorder: Melody Tomaszewicz

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