Minutes of November 17, 2005 meeting

I. Bogus; P. Cabelli; S. Cardinale; R. Martinez (Chair) ; M. Tomascewicz ; Y. Ling. Guest : Y. Denda.
A. Martinez


  1. FAQ/Staff Resources Website - Guest: Yasu Denda
  2. Dress in the Department
  3. Mutual Expectations for Working with Branches
  4. Dana Glossary - terms, expectations and possible form to fill out
  5. Incorporating Camden and Newark in Focus Groups - how to manage our agendas to best fit our needs, scheduling, etc.
  6. Information Sharing

Staff Resource Website

Dress in the department

The hiring of two new staff for LSM provoked a discussion of a dress code for the department. The Team discussed the issues that would arise from establishing a dress code now. It was agreed that a formal dress code was not needed but that certain articles were not appropriate for the office environment. Staff had been surveyed for what they believed important in office attire.

Their response was:

Staff members should be aware that they represent RUL to faculty, staff and the public and should dress accordingly. This statement can be made to new hires to encourage appropriate attire.

Processing standardization

Ian Bogus presented some suggestions for standardization made by the Processing staff.

The intent is to reduce errors. After discussion with the Team Leaders the following issues and suggestions for improvement were agreed upon:

Other questions arose about Videos as accompanying material. Prior to the Accompanying Material policy videos were automatically sent to the Media Library. Should that still be the case? This will be investigated by GS.

Dana Operations

A generic glossary should be established for the Dana staff. A glossary will help them to understand the terminology used for the many processes performed and help them to communicate better with our staff.

It was suggested that a checklist be created per process – such as one for receiving questions, one for holdings etc. The intent is that the staff knows what their responsibilities are with each transaction. The checklist will establish timeliness and require acknowledgement of the request.

It was also suggest that the Dana staff copy the email request and include it with the material that is being sent to the hub when fulfilling that request.

Some examples of appropriate response time are:

Round Robin

Melody reported that serials inventory is being done at LSM. Discussions were being held as to whether Bib/Cat and Holdings Record Management Teams should work through one focus group and one focus group chair?

Progress in incorporating focus groups into the system wide operation waas reviewed. It was suggested that these meetings be every other month.

Gracemary asked for suggestions for Train the Trainer attendees

Next meeting is: December 15th at 1:30 at LSM.

Next Recorder- Melody, Ian, Paul ...

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