Next Steps

As expected, an evaluation of both OCLC and RLIN revealed strengths for both utilities that can enable RUL to use each utility to better advantage. In addition, each utility has different strengths with regard to outsourcing for pre- processing, MARC record purchases, and full shelf-ready services. Within three years, RUL would like to migrate a percentage of its materials to drop shipped shelf-ready services that require no intervention beyond the loading of data by the Systems Department. Recommendations from the OCLC/RLIN evaluation represent the first steps toward that three-year goal.

One important issue that was highlighted by the evaluation process is the critical need that RUL's holding be accurate, timely and complete in both bibliographic utilities. The first objective resulting from the evaluation will be a recommendation from TSC to the Cabinet that accurate, timely and complete holdings information be reflected in both bibliographic utilities, to support cataloging, interlibrary loan, reference services and other collaborative activities with other libraries, such as collection development.

ObjectiveTime LineManagement
Recommend Policy to Cabinet concerning holdings in OCLC and RLINOctober 3, 2002TSC - Grace Agnew
OCLC Holdings Reconciliation/Reclamation ProjectOctober-December 2002Bob Warwick
Develop & Implement training in RLG and OCLC for TASOctober-December 2002Rhonda Marker
Testbed for PromptCat -from date of order to receipt. Materials: Camden Firm Orders. Vendor: YBP. Services-MARC records, holdings and pre-processingJanuary-March 2003Mary Page
Testbed for PromptCat-from date of order to receipt of Materials: LSM firm orders. Vendor: Blackwells. Services: MARC records, holdings and pre-processingJanuary-March 2003Mary Page
Testbed - testing retrospective conversion services for RetroCon (OCLC) and Marcadia (RLG). Possible materials: "F" range at Alexander and NJ State DocumentsJanuary-March 2003Ruth Bogan
Testbed-Using OCLC's CatME for video recordingsJanuary-March 2003 Mary Beth Weber
Testbed-Using OCLC's CatME for NJ Depository DocumentsOctober 2002-March 2003Rhonda Marker
Develop assessment measures. Assess testbeds. Develop funding requirements and ongoing strategy for use of both utilitiesNovember 2002-May 2003Rhonda Marker, Mary Beth Weber, Mary Page and Ruth Bogan
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