Minutes of December 16, 2004 Meeting

Pam Johnson, Tracey Meyer, Katy Anderson, Jeff Teichman, Teri McNally, Jeanne Boyle, Judit Ward, Marilyn Wilt(Chair), Patricia Libutti (Recorder), Vibiana Bowman (remote)

1. Minutes

The prior month's minutes were approved.

2. Announcements

Strategic Planning Committee: TLAC component was being prepared by Marilyn.Wilt noted that TLAC will be working with OITE with Anne Butman on Brown Bag sessions on system security. Also, Pam Johnson will be noting updates to the TLAC site. The work on web page development was deferred to the January meeting. Vibiana Bowman will be on sabbatical in 2005, two new members were introduced (Katie Anderson and Teri McNally ).

3. State of the Libraries

M. Wilt drafted a report on the State of the Libraries meeting and distributed copies. Among the items in the report was the participation rate (46%), reflections upon the experience (value of social and networking aspects, the need for a space and place for that aspect in the Libraries).

4. Supervisory Training

The University Human Resources' Supervisory Development Program may well be adapted for library use. Jeff and Tracey explored this possibility and will take the lead on critical components for a library application. A "Train-the-Trainer" format was discussed, as well as a web application. This program will be a cross-campus initiative, although the way this would be accomplished has not yet been settled. Regional libraries already have programs in place, and we may be able to "borrow" from them.

5. Positive Organizational Scholarship

Marilyn described a series of programs, termed Positive Organizational Scholarship, which address the nature of services in an ever-changing environment. Themes would include the "collaborative imperative," leadership in a diverse environment, and other needed topics. Part of the success of such a series is noting what groups are already aligned. Marilyn mentioned The Center for Organizational Development ands Leadership as a potential collaborative partner.

5. Brown Bags

Book Reading Group: Tracey explained this idea, and linked it to other such endeavors, namely, the New Jersey "One Book", the ALA reading of Atwood's book. Possibly this could be called: "RU Reads".

6. Web site

P. Libutti explored the organization of a web site for TLAC with the beginning note: "what do people need on such a site? Do we know?

How do we organize it?" Marilyn Wilt provided ideas from her paper which could be used as three organizing areas. Web page organizing will be deferred to January meeting to explore these questions.

7. Brainstorming session: ideas for professional "enhancement":

Members responded to the opportunity to come up with ideas for professional growth opportunities with many ideas. Among them was the idea of a "Creativity Fair", in which library employees would share things that they created. Also discussed was "Staff Recognition", and different ways to do this. Tracey noted that we should "do the Fun Stuff" first.

8. Next Month's meeting

Fleshing out the Strategic Directions for TLAC to be submitted to Marianne Gaunt, while building on suggestions/ideas from December and November.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Libutti,
Ad Hoc Recorder


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