Minutes of October 17, 2005 Meeting

M. Wilt, G. Sandberg, J. Teichmann, P. Johnson, P. Libutti, T. Meyer (recorder), A. Fuller and C. Ingram
J. Ward, J. Boyle

Project Updates

State of the Libraries

M. Wilt will send out another email reminder. Expected attendance of 125 to 130 faculty/staff. The following showcase/demos are planned: Robeson Library showcase (V. Bowman and A. Fuller), Dana Library presentation (L. Mullins/C. Ingram), SearchPath (Instructional Services Committee), blogs (P. Libutti and R. Marker), Project Sails (E. Stec), and LibQual (S. Beck). Formal presentations will include: findings from LibQual Plus presented by S. Beck, a skit on effective customer service by members of the Diversity Committee. M. Gaunt will discuss the Strategic Plan: where we are and where we are going. This year's Library Showcase will feature Robeson Library. Highlights will include their outreach and marketing, recent exhibits, Camden County and Rowan, special collections housed at the library (graphic novels, ESL books, Disney, folk and fairy tales).

M. Wilt asked TLC members to assist in setting up, providing directional guidance to attendees and directing people through exhibits and to the formal presentation. She asked that TLC members arrive at 8:30 a.m.

Supervisory Development Series

Jeff reviewed materials he developed for the supervisory series. A discussion ensued about the logistics of the series. It was recommended that attendees at any particular session not have a reporting relationship with any other attendee. Refreshments will be provided. J. Teichmann recommended having participants include Dana and Robeson and to hold sessions at all three campus locations. M. Wilt suggested having a trial session for a small group. TLC will participate in a trial session during the week of November 7, 2005 in lieu of its regular monthly meeting. M. Wilt will write a proposal for J. Boyle to present to Cabinet. An outstanding issue is how to identify participants for the series.

Lunchtime Seminars

Two seminars have been scheduled for December. Jeris Cassel, Jane Sloan, and Jeanne Boyle will report on the 2005 New Media Centers New England Regional Conference held at Yale University during October. This will be held on December 14, 2005 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. in the Pane Room. Marty Kesselmann (or another librarian) will discuss "Collaborations on Campus," findings from a recent USDA grant.

Effective Meetings program

The program presented by Karen Novick was so well received, TLC suggested offering it a second time. Unfortunately, K. Novick is not available until the Spring semester. M. Wilt is negotiating with Richard Novack from Continuous Ed. to develop a session on running effective meetings to be offered in November. A session on videoconferencing techniques will be offered in December.

Plans for Spring Semester 2006

M. Wilt proposes to do a facilitation skills program. She has met with Mary Powers Nikola, Director of Leadership & Organizational Development from Cook Campus to co-facilitate this program which will be geared towards faculty working on search committees, etc.

The NJ Train the Trainer program was discussed. We propose sending several RUL faculty/staff members to this annual training program. M. Wilt, T. Meyer and J. Teichmann agreed to draft a proposal to submit to M. Gaunt.

The next new employee orientation will be held during National Library Week, April 2-8, 2006. This year's theme will be Change Your World at Your Library.

Upon G. Sandberg's suggestion, M. Wilt and J. Teichmann will submit an entry nominating the Super Supervisory Series for the HW Wilson Libraries Staff Development Grant. The $3,500 grant and gold plague awards programs designed for staff development.

G. Sandberg will synthesize and summarize the comments we submitted regarding our committee charge. Anyone who has not yet replied to the questions posed should submit their written reply asap.

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