Minutes of November 15, 2006 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Yoshiko Ishii, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann, Donna Wertheimer, Marilyn Wilt (chair)
Pam Johnston, Tracey Meyer, Judit Ward

Topics Covered:

Action items/Decisions:

1. Review minutes of October meeting

The minutes were approved as presented.

2. Review State of the Libraries Experience

Committee members shared their thoughts and comments they heard from others. Having the demonstrations in one room was good, and more room is needed. A Q&A session with a roving mike would be good. Members are uncertain about the purpose of the state of the libraries meeting, reviewed the role of interactivity, and past formats. It was noted that not many attended from Camden and Newark. The Busch location is good for those coming from a distance. Jeanne noted that it was difficult to prepare the planning presentation because of uncertainty of interest and level of existing knowledge. It was suggested that the main program be videoconferenced. The room is already reserved for November 14, 2007. Notices need to go out earlier since librarians are already scheduling classes in August. Marilyn is working with Darryl Voorhees on a website with the 2006 presentations and slide shows and a form for comments from those who did and did not attend. The website will be completed by the end of November.

3. Proposed Training and Learning Template (see attachment)

Marilyn created the template by compiling topics for training sessions from past discussions and organizing them by the themes of discovering, energizing, and celebrating.

For the discovering - energizing component, Anne Butman has expressed interest in working with Marilyn to develop a technical skill development series. Marilyn proposed that the series be offered early next year to allow time for promotion, scheduling, and planning. She noted that Cabinet approved the leadership development series and reviewed the various topics on which sessions have already been held. Committee members discussed the priority order of future offerings and recommended effective business writing and dealing with difficult situations. Repeating the effective meeting and videoconferencing sessions with the added advanced topic of effective facilitation was also recommended. It was noted that we need to consider whether programs would be developed by the Libraries, taken by individuals through such outside agencies as UHR, or offered at the Libraries by external agencies. Glenn and Marilyn will review which offerings should be developed in house or outsourced, while Jeff and Marilyn will continue work developing the supervising for excellence program.

The energizing - celebrating component includes lunchtime seminars, which the committee is defining as topics that are nice to know as opposed to information necessary to accomplish one's job, which will be covered in training sessions. Other ideas for lunchtime seminars were partnering with other committees listed on the template or the Councils, Ed Berger's photography, and a Middle States review. Marilyn will contact John Shepard, chair of SAPAC to coordinate lunchtime seminars, Yoshiko will contact Ed and Lynn Mullins about featuring Ed's photography, and Jeanne will announce when the public website for Middle States is launched.

The energizing - celebrating component could also include events during National Library Week and a creativity fair. See the template for a full list of possibilities. Marilyn will approach the diversity committee for a potential event about folk traditions, and Donna and Yoshiko will consider a creativity fair for their campuses.

4. Review Training and Development Website

Committee members reviewed the website live online. Recommendations were to add other training sites at the university from the UHR website and write brief descriptions of each, simplify language ("Learning Opportunities" instead of "Training Partners," etc.), make a list of past events and link it to PowerPoint and other materials presented, remove the "Administrative Resources" heading and add a "Contact Us" button that would send a message to Marilyn. Jeanne and Marilyn will work with Sam McDonald to create a draft new website for the committee to review.

The December meeting was canceled. Marilyn will write to committee members to confirm that the next meeting will be January 10, 2007. [Note: the next meeting has been confirmed for 2 p.m. that day.]

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