Minutes of March 18, 2009 Meeting

Mary Beth Weber (chair), Sara Harrington, Tracey Meyer, Roberta Tipton (via videoconferencing), Donna Wertheimer (via videoconferencing), Holly Muller (recorder)
John Brennan, Lila Fredenburg, Christine Ingram, Marilyn Wilt


Executive Summary

Marilyn's report on the status of current programs and projects was read. Possible presenters for lunchtime seminars were discussed. The Q&A format was suggested as a substitute for some lunchtime seminars, or to introduce new employees. The TLC Survey was slightly revised and will be finalized. The May meeting may be held in Camden.

The agenda of the meeting was approved.

1. Review and approval of minutes of the February 18, 2009 meeting

The minutes were approved with 2 changes from Mary Beth.

2. Announcements

The May meeting may be held at the Dana Library in Newark, if room and schedules permit.

3. Training and Learning Coordinator's Report - M. Wilt

Mary Beth read Marilyn's status report, as she was unable to attend the meeting. She reported on two recent lunchtime seminars, two programs conducted in partnership with the PC Working Group, the No Brief Candle discussion, the Supervisors' Series at Dana, the New Employee Welcome at LSM, the Lockdown Procedures presentations, and the P4P and SCP information sessions.

4. Status of Future Programs and Projects

Marilyn's report also mentioned the upcoming lunchtime seminars; IPAC Spotlight on March 31, and Isaiah Beard on April 30, as well as the professional Development Series at Dana, and the "Eating the Potato: Culture, Communication and Camaraderie" celebration in partnership with the Libraries' Committee on Diversity. No events are planned at RUL for National Library Week and Library Workers' Day this year, largely due to the focus on Rutgers Day.

The meeting continued with a discussion of a list of candidates for Brownbag Lunchtime Seminars including Nancy Kranich, Lila Fredenburg, Valeda Dent Goodman, Mark Winston, Tara McDonnell, and Harry Glazer. Mary Beth suggested that the presenter list should be prioritized and some people present together, for example, Mary Beth and Gracemary Smulewitz for Technical Services and Distributed Technical Services.

Sara suggested an alternate option such as a "media blast" about an individual sent via email, rather than too many lunchtime seminars that might be lightly attended. Tracey suggested involving Harry if email is used for this format. Tracey also suggested using the Q&A format to introduce new employees to staff.

The group will consider long term priorities.

The TLC Survey will be finalized and conducted.

There was a discussion about whether the summer is a good time to conduct training sessions. The survey results should cast some light on this question, as it asks for preferred months for training.

4. Final Review of TLC Survey

A few minor suggested revisions were made to the TLC Survey, including:

5. Outcomes and Conclusion

The TLC Survey will be finalized and conducted. The May meeting may be held in Newark, if room and schedules permit.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:52 PM

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, from 1:30-3:00 p.m. in the University Librarian's Conference Room, Alexander Library, with teleconferencing to Dana and Robeson.

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