Minutes of October 21, 2009 Meeting

John Brennan (recorder), Tracey Meyer, Roberta Tipton, Marilyn Wilt, Tao Yang (guest)
Mary Beth Weber (chair), Lila Fredenburg, Sara Harrington, Christine Ingram, Holly Muller, Donna Wertheimer


I. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved with no changes. It was suggested to review the status of the training survey at the next meeting.

II. Review and Approval of June 17, 2009 meeting minutes

The minutes were approved for distribution via email to RUL_everyone.

III. Training and Learning Coordinator's Report

Marilyn Wilt reviewed the activities since the last committee meeting.

Marilyn also reviewed upcoming activities.

IV. Status of Future Programs and Projects

Tao Yang attended the meeting to discuss the possibility of the Training and Learning Committee to co- sponsor certain SAPAC events. These are generally lunchtime seminars. Upcoming events include the International Book Fair (November 4), Web 2.0 Roundtable (November 16) and the Video Mosaic Collaboration (December 16). The committee expressed interest in co-sponsoring events and will work with Tao towards this end.

The committee reached out to the RUL Marketing Team about doing a brown bag about the Libraries Brand. John Brennan will work with Harry Glazer on setting up a date for this. It will most likely be held during winter intercession or early in the spring semester.

V. Quick Guides

Marilyn shared information about a website that provides quick reference technical guides. (http://www.customguide.com/quick_references.htm) The guides are for many popular software programs and are available for free downloads. We discussed providing the link on the TLC web page. Marilyn will investigate this. We also discussed marketing it through the Libraries facebook page.

The committee had preliminary discussions about investigating additional information sharing options (e.g. Twitter). These include resources such as or from online training, webinars, distance learning, RUTV and OIT. The discussion was deferred for another meeting when more of the committee will be present.

V. Outcomes and Conclusion

The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 from 2:00-3:30 in the Alexander Library Conference Room (third floor).

Respectfully submitted by John Brennan, November 17, 2009.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/training_com/minutes/09-10-21.shtml
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