Minutes for June 4, 2003 meeting

Iliana Bernal (video-conference), Fatima Cunha (video-conference), Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Yoshiko Ishii (video-conference), Jean Madden (video-conference), Kayla Reichardt, Gracemary Smulewitz (chair), Christopher Sterback (recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Turzynski
Andrea Lakios, Teri McNally, Elizabeth Leicester


  1. Final Review of 852 document - PC, MT
  2. Review of Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns - PC
  3. Results of investigation of controls needed for titles where issues are replaced by cumulations - impact in claims - KR
  4. Evaluate stats on 930's and devise plan for implementation of conversions - GS
  5. Meetings in July and August - GS


  1. Meeting was called to order @ 10:12 a.m.
  2. Final Review of 852 document

a. At the last HWG meeting one of the members wanted to know what was meant by the term "static Marc-H" used throughout the document. A "static Marc-H" is used to denote a Marc Holdings record that is not updated automatically by the checkin process but needs to be updated manually in Workflows

b. Most of the 21 examples were signed off as requiring no change except for:

Number 4 - Change wording in the "note" from "The 867 will have to be updated manually every time a volume goes to bindery" to "The 867 will have to be updated manually every time we receive a new supplement"

Number 10 - Clarified that only the control record that checks in the shortest frequency will update the marc holdings field. Other control records for the same title for longer frequencies will just be created for checkin only but will not update marc holdings.

If any issue to be checked in includes cumulations from previous issues, check in that cumulation in the normal fashion to update the MARC but do not check it in in a separate serial control record. For example, if you receive a monthly, and each quarter the monthly comes in as a quarterly cumulation, then check in that quarterly cum in the appropriate slot e.g. the March issue is the cum for Jan - Mar, check in that March issue with the March prediction. Do not check it in in a separate control record. There is no need. If you receive a monthly but also receive a separate quarterly cumulation, then that issue does need to be checked in a separate control record so that it may be claimed but it shouldn't be checked in in the monthly control which updates MARC holdings.

Remove wording that refers to updating the 866 manually

Number 12 - need two additional examples, one to show routinely received paper issues and microfilm/fiche and a second to show routinely received paper issues and sporadic microfilm/fiche

Number 13 - since the policy now is to merge records in different formats for the same title change wording on this to say "send for record merge to serials cataloging"

Number 20 - rewrite example to show the span of the holdings first, then a note with the location

Number 21 - make sure you add the 928 note for cancellations. We're not updating the shelf list and this history is needed to show what has occurred with the title

Addenda - incorporate addenda into items they refer to

3. Review of Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns

a. Added two "best-practices" bullets that refer to manual creation of bound control patterns. These should be created as closely as possible to those that are auto-generated. Example of this can be found in Number 14 - Monthly (bound).

b. Number 3 Annual (multiple years) - add examples for Sudocs

4. Results of investigation of controls needed for titles where issues are replaced by cumulations - impact on claims - see example #10 in "MARC Holdings Standards for 852 Tags Update #5"

5. Statistics on Progress of Marc Holdings Creation - the group reviewed the stats that show 1,177 titles still need to be converted. Gracemary congratulated everyone on their progress to date. Kayla pointed out that the figures overstate what is left to be done because the statistical extract includes titles we won't create marc holdings records for, such as monographic series and book sets. Kayla added that if we made better use of our serial control categories, we could refine our statistics and more accurately report our progress. Chris will run a new extract showing a breakdown of serial control categories by library and will send the report to Gracemary and Kayla for the initial review.

6. Evaluate stats on 930's and devise plan for implementation of conversions -Chris provided to Gracemary an updated report of the number of outstanding 930's on bib records attached to "current" control records. In January 2003 there were 8,033 records with 12,518 930's. On June 2, 2003 these figures were reduced to 5,146 records with 7,708 930's. Here's the breakdown by library:

64      ALCHL
2209    ALEX
39      ANNEX
52      ART
1108    CAMDEN
74      CHANG
37      CHEM
1858    DANA
397     DOUGLASS
3       EASIA
1       HUNGR
80      JAZZ
508     KILMER
683     LSM
81      MATH
98      MUSIC
5       OTHER
15      PHYSICS
188     SMLR
208     SPCOL
7708    TOTAL

As each unit converts their own 930's, Gracemary reminded everyone to check if other libraries still show 930's on the bib record. If so, they need to contact that library so they can convert their 930's. Melody added that the email message only needs to include the flex key and the title. Melody will send a list of email contacts for this to Dana and Camden. Iliana asked whether they could have a Keyboard Express macro for these reciprocal emails. Melody responded that she will provide information to Dana on how the reciprocal emails for 930 transfers can be automated with a Keyboard Express macro.

7. Convert 930's on non-current titles - Technical Services Council recommended that all 930's for non-current titles should be converted. Gracemary investigated whether this could be outsourced but found that no vendor providing this service could do the work that we wanted. At Grace Agnew's request, Gracemary will create a testbed in the New Brunswick libraries using voucher employees to convert the 930's, gather and analyze the data, then extrapolate from this a projected cost and time to complete the project.

8. Other Items

a. Fatima asked for clarification on the appropriate way to convert a 930 to an 866 when there is just a year. Should the year be enclosed in parentheses? Paul replied that the parentheses should not be entered and that he will resend the document explaining how 930's should transfer to 866's.

b. The meeting in July will be held on July 9th, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. in the TSB conference room. This meeting will focus on cancellations. The meeting in August will be held at Dana on the 6th.

Meeting adjourned @ 11:45 a.m.




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