Minutes for December 7, 2005 meeting

Iliana Bernal (video Dana), Mary Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Salvatore Cardinale, Fatima Cunha (video Dana), Ruth Dyer, Sharon Favaro, Erika Gorder, Bob Hosh, Janet Howard, Elizabeth Leister, Jean Madden (video Camden), Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Chris Sterback, Gracemary Smulewitz [Chair], Melody Tomaszewicz
Ian Bogus, Andrea Lakios, Yuhwei Ling


  1. Approval of previous minutes
  2. The use of "TECHSR" in Access and Collection Services - MT et al
  3. Review of the gift processing to date (including Bookplates)- Everyone
  4. Where do we stand with Accompanying material - IB, SC, GS

Meeting Minutes

1. Minutes were approved as written, with minor changes. Melody will revise minutes and send them to Sam McDonald for posting to the TSCWG web page.

2. The use of "TECHSR" in Access and Collection Services: One of the uses of the temporary Home Location of TECHSR was to identify and catalog material remotely that was charged out to patrons as part of the circ-on-the-fly process. TECHSR has also been used for other situations, such as allowing the units to flag returned material for weeding, repairing or other processing functions. Jean mentioned that they use TECHSR at Camden mainly for circ-on-the-fly purposes. Dana and NBL staff use it for circ-on-the-fly and the other above mentioned processes. Since all TECHSR material is holdable, it was thought that TECHSR should be left to the circ-on-the-fly process. It was also thought that a new temporary Home Location for material needing unit work should be created. A suggestion was made for the name COLLSER.

Other devices for flagging or identifying material include the use of the CS-ALEX & CS-LSM patron charges, and the use of NBINV in a MARC tag 500 field note (this last method will be discussed by TSCWG at a later date). A clearer picture needs to be developed. A charge was given to the Holdings Record Management Team along with Access Services to review the status of CS-ALEX, CS-LSM, TECHSR, and the proposed COLLSER location.

Another related discussion involved the movement of items from one record to another. When the units search TECHSR items on IRIS, and happen to find a fully cataloged record, it was strongly suggested that the transfer function be used to move the barcoded copy from the brief record to the full one. This preserves the item's circulation history.

Current imprints: The NBL selectors send current imprint gifts (those published in the past 2-3 years) to the hubs, where they are searched by the CSD hub staff. If an IRIS record is found, the volume is added. If there is no IRIS record, the volume is sent to Sharon for cataloging. Jean mentioned that the selectors at Camden review their own gift material. If they find an IRIS record, they have the volume added locally by the Tech Services staff. If they found no IRIS record, they send the volume to Sharon for cataloging. In conjunction with Mary Beth's and Sharon's report, it was recommended to look at Camden's process as a prototype.

Collections: Sharon mentioned that the gifts unit has created a processing slip that accompanies any gift collection. As the preservation needs, or bookplating needs, or binding needs were met, the appropriate box on the slip was checked off. This ensured that all necessary gift handling criteria were met in the proper order. Once everyone signs off on the form, then the collection can be processed. Sharon is the coordinator of this process.

Serials: All gift serials should be sent to the units for searching. Single annual reports are normally accepted for cataloging. Single periodical issues are normally not accepted for cataloging. An exception is made for SPCOL material, since these items may be rare. Any questions arising from the gift serials cataloging policy should be discussed between the selector and the Serials Cataloging Dept.

4. Where do we stand with Accompanying material: Salvatore and Yuhwei gave an explanation of the accompanying material process used by the Receiving staff in Collection Services. The intent is to implement the process system wide. It was recommended that the processing groups in the units and TSB meet periodically to review the accompanying material processing procedures, and to develop documentation usable by all.


1. In order to preserve the circulation history of an item, the transfer function should be used whenever a barcoded item is moved from one record to another.

2. Serials gifts will continue to be searched by the units.

3. Processing groups at the units and TSB will meet periodically to review accompanying material guidelines.


1. The Holdings Records Management Team, in conjunction with Access Services staff, will meet to discuss the usage of the CS-ALEX & CS-LSM patrons and the TECHSR and proposed COLLSER… temporary Home Locations, and will report to TSCWG on their findings and recommendations.

2. Processing and Holdings staff will create an accompanying material document for use at TSB and the units.

3. Gracemary will send to Sharon the accompanying material documentation used by the Receiving staff.


1. Discussion of comprehensive gift processing documentation by Mary Beth and Sharon.

Next meeting: [February 1, 2006]: [TSB Conference Room]
Time: [10:00]
Next recorder: [Ian Bogus]
Back up recorder: [Ellen Calhoun]

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