Minutes for September 13, 2006 meeting

Gracemary Smulewitz (Chair), Ian Bogus, Ellen Calhoun, Sal Cardinale, Paul Cabelli, Yuhwei Ling, Chris Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz, Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, (Recorder), Rebecca Martinez, Steve Zahorbenski Via Teleconference: Jean Madden (Robeson), Iliana Bernal (Dana), Fatima Cunha (Dana), Andrea Lakios (Dana)
Melissa De Fino, Elizabeth Leister


  1. Preservation Process-I.B.
  2. Duplicate items with different sub locations-Y.L.
  3. Changes to accompanying materials operations-J.M.
  4. A working session on adds and withdrawals-M.T.
  5. Documentation on the Staff Resources Page-G.S.
  6. Long Overdue Items returned to libraries-G.S.

Meeting Minutes

Preservation Process

The Preservation Department and staff are moving out of Distributed Technical Services in New Brunswick. This separation has been occurring over the past six months. The Preservation Department will be moving to new offices located in the East Asian Library in Alexander Library at some point this year.

A new gift process has been developed, where Preservation staff will work with library selectors to assess each possible gift collection to make sure that there are no preservation issues before the collection is accepted/cataloged. Any problem items identified during this assessment that are selected for cataloging will be sent first to the Preservation Department for treatment. Preservation Staff will review all gift collections (no matter how small) before they are considered for cataloging. A question was raised in the group as to how this workflow will be disseminated to the appropriate parties involved. Ian and the Preservation Department will work on an announcement for this workflow.

A workflow for preservation issues involving Newark and Camden campuses needs to be established, as the Preservation Department is a system wide department. Ian will work with both Dana and Camden to standardize practices.

Ian discussed the two new user records that have been created for the Preservation Department; User #1, the Preservation User (user ID "PRES") and User #2, the Long Term Preservation User (user ID "LNGTRMPRES") items cannot be recalled; also displays status as "Preservation" when checked out. The two users are similar to the CS users that were created for Access Services and DTS. Ian will be sending out a general announcement concerning the two Preservation users to RUL in the immediate future.

Most preservation processes involving Access Services will remain the same, as DTS hubs will be the clearinghouse for items sent from Access Services in need of preservation.

Duplicate items with different sub locations

This discussion is a continuation of a discussion originally from the July TSCWG meeting. Yuhwei was able to discuss this situation with Systems staff, after which it was decided to continue with the existing policy. For duplicate items that have different sub-locations (i.e. Stacks, Reference), DTS will continue to add duplicate items as copies to the original call number. Adds will continue to be to the call number structure.

This is beneficial as an item added through a serials control record are automatically added as a second copy. An example of this can be viewed by looking up the title "The institute of Accounts: nineteenth-century origins of accounting professionalism in the United States/ Stephen E. Loeb and Paul J. Miranti, Jr". When viewing this title record you can see two items with different sub-locations attached to one call number.

Changes to accompanying materials operations

Jamie described a change to how items with accompanying materials are processed at TAS. All items with accompanying materials will be cataloged at TAS and then will be sent to DTS-LSM for final processing according to accompanying materials procedures. This includes all items with accompanying materials from both Acquisitions and Cataloging. Once the final processing for accompanying materials is completed at DTS-LSM, the item will be sent on to the owning library for access services to complete the "in-process" procedures. All items sent to DTS-LSM for final processing will remain with "in-process" as the home and current location.

  1. All monographs received and cataloged at TSB that may need accompanying material handling will be sent directly to LSM DTS End-Processing for analysis, holdings maintenance (Public, Staff & Circ notes, and adjustment of # of pieces) and end-processing (labeling, stamping, TT). From there, the volumes will be sent still "IN-PROCESS" to the various unit libraries.
  2. All serials received and cataloged at TSB that may need accompanying material handling will be sent to the appropriate Alex, Camden, and LSM Bib/Cat Coordinators for analysis, then placed in the normal workflow for holdings maintenance (Public, Staff & Circ notes, and adjustment of # of pieces) and end-processing (labeling, stamping, TT).

A working session on adds and withdrawals

Melody distributed a handout with information for "Adds, Relocates, Transfers and Withdrawals" to the group for discussion. The Holdings Group has been working on breaking down the steps necessary for such work as Adds, Withdrawals, Transfers, etc. Work on these procedures will continue over the rest of the year, as draft procedures are developed in the Holdings Group and brought to TSCWG for review.

The group discussed the responsibility and mandate of the Holdings Record Management Group as it relates to TSCWG.

Documentation on the Staff Resources Page

The group discussed how to get information posted to the Technical Services part of the Staff Resources page on the Libraries website. Also, we should consider what TSCWG information needs to be posted there. Once a decision is made on what information to post, information will start to move from the DTS website to the RUL Staff Resources site.

For minutes of the group meetings, draft minutes will be sent to the group for review. A final draft of minutes will then be sent to the Group Coordinator, who will then send out the minutes through RUL-Everyone. Sam will pick up the minutes and post to the minutes section / Technical Services Council Working Group / Committees and Task Forces / Technical Services / Staff Resources.

Long Overdue Items returned to libraries

Gracemary began a preliminary discussion on how to deal with long overdue items that are returned to the libraries. Systems recently withdrew approximately 8,000 items from the catalog that are assumed lost because patrons have not returned them (long overdue). These items do not show up in the catalog as the charge link has been broken and the item withdrawn (item not found in catalog), where the only existing link to the patron is a long lost item note is placed there.

Procedures need to be developed on how to deal with these items if there are returned by patrons. This discussion will continue at the next TSCWG meeting.




Next meeting: Wednesday, 10/4/2006
Location: Conference Room, TAS, Busch Campus
Time: 10:00am
Next recorder: Chris Sterback

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/ts-core/minutes/holdings_wg_06-09-13.shtml
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