Minutes for September 5, 2007 meeting

Fay Austin, Iliana Bernal, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Fatima Cunha, Elizabeth Leister, Yuhwei Ling, Jean Madden, Andy Martinez (Recorder), Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (Coordinator), Chris Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz, Judy Gardner (Guest)
Jamie Maguire


  1. Long overdue items - changes - Judy
  2. Brief record creation - Judy
  3. ISAWG report - Chris
    1. Ability to measure time period from order to
    2. shelf
    3. Update on inventory process
  4. DTS report - Gracemary
    1. Goals for 2008
  5. Shadowed records - Everyone
  6. In-process status - Everyone
  7. Mono-series received at DTS and electronic links - Rebecca
  8. Call number policies - Gracemary

The group approved the August/2007 meeting minutes.

Judy attended the meeting to discuss changes to how long overdue items are withdrawn from the catalog and also a draft of new procedures for Access Services staff to use when creating brief item records. Currently, overdue items become "lost-assum" once they are overdue for 180 days. "Lost-assum" items are an inactive charge on the user's record, along with a corresponding bill. In the past, these "lost-assum" items were withdrawn from the catalog and then a 30-Day Deliquent Account letter would be sent to the patron.

The "lost-assum" withdrawal schedule has been changed so that the items are first searched in our collections and if found discharged. Then a 30-day Deliquent Account letter is sent to the patron allowing them several months to return the item (probably in October). Finally, the "lost-assum" item will be withdrawn from the catalog. The batch withdrawal of "lost-assum" items will occur once a year, probably in January. Once a "lost-assum" item is withdrawn from the catalog, the only remaining record of the specific item withdrawn will be staff note in the user's record.

This led to a discussion on brief item record creation by Access Service's staff, since staff now create item records for circ-on-the-fly items, reserve records, and for ILL/RDS. Along with these situations, Judy recommended that Access Service's staff also create brief item records for withdrawn long overdue items that are returned to us before they are forwarded to DTS. This will help when dealing with a patron in a billing situation. A draft of procedures to be used by Access staff to create brief item records was distributed to the group for discussion. The use of circulation note instructing staff to forward the item to their DTS hub was also discussed by the group. Judy will discuss this draft at the next Access Service's Committee meeting.

Chris reported on the work of ISAWG (Inventory and Stacks Automation Working Group), a group working under Technical Services. Work done in this group is related to the work done by TSCWG. One of the original charges of ISAWG was to measure the time period of an item from original order to final location in the collection. This would allow us to measure the "health" of our transient collections, coming up with metrics to measure how quickly items are moved through Technical Services to its home library location and how long an item is held in a particular area. The group will look at certain dates available in Unicorn, such as item ordered, item created, item received, etc. Chris will pick a month of data to start with for the group to review.

Chris discussed the inventory of our collections (not the Periodical Collections) that is currently underway for RUL. All three campuses (Camden, Dana, NBL) are currently working on an inventory project. So far, the inventory has been a systematic shelf-by-shelf approach where we make sure the item is shelved in the correct order and we also note the condition of the item. There will be a system-wide meeting in October of all parties working on inventory for RUL, to work to standardize procedures and policies.

Gracemary discussed a call number policy for RUL. In most situations, all base call numbers on a title record should be the same. Some exceptions to this rule are Gov Doc items and serial treatments. Title records with items with different call numbers will be forwarded to DTS, who will be responsible for forwarding simple requests to Database Management and more complex ones will be forwarded to Cataloging for resolution.

The rest of the agenda items were tabled until the October/2007 meeting.

Next Meeting
Wednesday, October 3, 2007
10:00am - 12:00pm
Conference Room, TSB, Busch Campus

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