Minutes for December 3, 2008 meeting

Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun(recorder), Fatima Cunha (video Dana), Yuhwei Ling, Jamie Maguire, Andy Martinez, Rebecca Martinez, Gracemary Smulewitz (chair), Christopher Sterback, Melody Tomaszewicz, Steven Zahorbenski
Fay Austin, Iliana Bernal, Janet Howard, Elizabeth Leister


  1. Cancellations for this year
    1. Statistics
    2. Holdings
    3. New workflows for superseded
    4. Binding
    5. Possible cancellations
    6. Closing out controls
  2. Circulation issues resulting from item type changes
    1. Item types and circulation policy stamped items
    2. ther conflicts
    3. Recalls – how will they be handled in this scenario
  3. Weeding projects
  4. Pilot project for current periodical usage
  5. OLE project

Meeting Minutes

1. Cancellations for this year

1a. Cancelled 628 print duplicate titles across all campuses: 167 for Camden; 189 for Newark; and 272 for New Brunswick (of these 21 were moves to online only). A total of 844 titles were cancelled overall: 340 for Camden; 218 for Newark; and 204 for New Brunswick. Grand total including 384 format changes is 1228 subscription changes. It will take some time for these changes to be reflected in IRIS, as Robin is responsible for: notifying vendors, receiving confirmations, closing orders to release funds, adding notes to the control records and removing future issues, closing holdings, including adding a note to the MARC statement re:cancellation and a 928 note to the bibliographic record. Rebecca Martinez notifies major vendors; questions about cancellations should be directed to Robin or Rebecca. Budget crisis goal met was $300,000 from collections. Gracemary Smulewitz will send Andy Martinez a list of firm cancellations for the Collections Management Team. CEMX funds transferred included a 10% inflation rate. Allocations to funds are made according to previous year’s spending. A transfer fund has been created to cover shortages.

1b. Firm orders for serial title single issues should go to the serials team. The serial control can be used to prompt selectors for future orders.

1c. LRC team leaders agreed that certain annual titles could be current edition in a research library, with superseded editions sent to another library. These superseded editions could then be returned to the research library for retention on a continuing rotation. Paul Cabelli, Yuhwei Ling, and Rebecca Martinez are exploring workflows for this concept.

1d. There will be a large drop-off in binding after the 2008 subscription year.

1e. Because of the space issues for collections in the libraries, and using the analysis of JSTOR titles done by Ben Beede for fiche and print holdings, New Brunswick will consolidate holdings of print and microform titles. The project is planned to begin after the weeding projects.

2. Circulation issues resulting from item type changes

Melody Tomaszewicz distributed a procedure for item type/”this book does not circulate” stamp conflicts. The procedure will be posted on the Access Services staff resources page, in the circulation section. Andy Martinez will discuss with Judy Gardner the feasibility of using the recall function for books circulated that should not have. DTS will check all volumes in a series when removing the circulation stamp.

3. Weeding projects

A team of selectors consisting of Ryan Womack, Tom Glynn, and Tom Izbicki are reviewing the Alexander business collection for possible transfer to the Kilmer library (or withdrawal or transfer to ANNEX). Pilot project is 455 items. Susan Brower is the contact. Total project could include 18000 titles, with 9-12000 in the HGs, others in the HD or HF LC call numbers.

The ALEX reference section is being redesigned so must also be weeded. Kevin Mulcahy is looking at long runs for transfer to the ANNEX. Susan Brower is the contact for this project. DTS will use the batch transfer process, but some titles may require recon. Weeding of the ALEX stacks A-Z growth areas will follow.

4. Pilot project for current periodical usage

At the start of spring semester, a pilot project to track the use of loose issues of periodicals will begin in ALEX library. It is hoped this “in house use” study will help evaluate the use of the print periodical collection. A new shadowed item type, CURPER-N will be used for this study. Gracemary Smulewitz will notify the appropriate parties that this item type is for use in the study only.

5. OLE project

Christopher Sterback provided an update on the OLE (Open Library Environment)Project. The purpose of the OLE project is to develop specifications for an open source Library Management System built on Service Oriented Architecture. A second phase will build the OLE system for implementation by libraries and consortia. Open source means the programming source code is owned by the community and freely available for use. Service oriented architecture is a term that describes information systems design where functionality is grouped around business processes that are loosely integrated and can be remixed and reused to suit individual workflows. (Think tinkertoys or legos.) The OLE project team is seeking input and involvement from the academic and research library community on understanding current and defining new workflows. Rutgers, together with colleagues from Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, will be hosting regional workshops, on December 8-9 and December 15-16, to begin this process.


  1. Paul Cabelli, Yuhwei Ling, and Rebecca Martinez will explore workflows for superseded editions.
  2. Andy Martinez will discuss with Judy Gardner the feasibility of using the recall function for books circulated that should not have, and inform TSCCWG of the implications.
  3. Gracemary Smulewitz will notify the appropriate parties that the item type CURPER-N is to be used for the current periodical usage study only.

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting January 7, 2009; 10:00 am LSM Special Collections Room
Next secretary: Fay Austin

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