Minutes of March 2, 2000 Meeting

Harriette Hemmasi, Bob Sewell, Rhonda Marker, Al King, Theo Haynes, Jeanne Boyle, Mary Page (recorder), Ann Montanaro, Linda Langschied, Lida Sak, Gracemary Smulewitz (guest)

MARC Holdings Update (Sak, Smulewitz, Page)

Sak, Smulewitz, and Page (all members of a small group, which has been studying MARC Holdings in Sirsi) reviewed the status of MARC Holdings implementation. We can make use of this capability in the current version of Sirsi, but we need to make several policy decisions. The advantages to converting to the MARC holdings format include making it easier to migrate to our next system, getting holdings information into a standard format that can be exchanged with other systems, and providing clearer information about holdings to our patrons. The downside is that to convert holdings on every serials record in IRIS would be a massive undertaking, and we need to decide what is realistic for RUL. After extensive discussion and review of examples, TSC asked the study group to take the following actions:

  1. Create more examples that demonstrate a wider range of titles and IRIS display possibilities and present these examples at the July meeting of the Public Services Council;
  2. Renew discussions with Systems staff about the possibility of automating some or all of the conversion process (i.e., how 930 summary holdings statements could be converted);
  3. Prepare a detailed report on the implications of MARC holdings for RUL, addressing staffing, training, workflow, and cost issues.

AUL's report (Hemmasi)

Hemmasi reported that a new Government Publications Committee has been appointed. The group will elect their own chair and will focus on the acquisition, cataloging, and processing of government documents. A new Serials Management Working Group has also been appointed, and this group will focus on effective processing of serials within RUL. Page will serve as chair. Both the Government Publications and Serials groups will function as subgroups of TSC.

Hemmasi, Boyle, and Page are working on the CD-ROM sublocations issue. PSC will review their progress at an upcoming meeting. Sewell reported that he is looking at CD titles that could possibly be converted to Web access.

The Early English Books Online file from Bell & Howell has been loaded into the test IRIS catalog. Karen Oster of Systems was able to generate 856 tags to provide links for all 96,000 records in the collection. An issue yet to be resolved is how to represent the three locations that are possible for each of these records: RU-ONLINE link, call number, and microform accession number.

The issue of RU theses in IRIS was discussed. Currently, Acquisitions enters brief, shadowed, records in IRIS when items are sent for microfilming and binding. This process usually takes several months. Meantime, there is a paper copy available in Special Collections. Should the IRIS records not be shadowed? An oversight group, composed of Hemmasi, Boyle, Sewell, T. Frusciano, R. Becker are reviewing these and other issues concerning RU theses.

The NJ State Library is preparing a new version of the NJ Union List of Serials that will be available on the VALE website. OCLC's Site Search software is being used for the for the NJ Union List of Serials database. Serial holdings information is taken from OCLC and will reflect an institutions' holdings as of 1997. Since RUL serial holdings in OCLC are not accurate, Hemmasi will pursue how we can most efficiently upgrade our holdings without incurring enormous costs.

We will discuss the 930 cleanup project at the next meeting.

Hemmasi and Sewell are looking into our electronic subscriptions, specifically any that require us to maintain print subscriptions. These requirements will have to be considered when cancellation decisions are made.

Boyle provided an update of user-initiated document delivery services. The committee studying this process has recommended Uncover, and this project will be implemented soon. The service will be available to faculty and graduate students, but not UMDNJ affiliates.

Acquisitions (Hemmasi)

There was discussion of Acquisitions statistics. The new format provides a breakdown of orders submitted and entered by library. Acquisitions statistics will be posted on the website rather than printed. Marker explained the cataloging backlog numbers. We agreed to discuss acquisitions and cataloging turnaround time at a future meeting.

Hemmasi provided a sample of the new labels that are being used in processing.

New Brunswick librarians had requested that ordering limits be placed on funds that were overencumbered or overspent. However, when limits were placed, Acquisitions staff could not receive materials on those funds. Therefore, it was necessary to remove the previously imposed ordering limits. K. Oster is following up on this matter with the Acquisitions Department and Sirsi to determine the source of the problems encountered.

Cataloging (Marker)

The cataloging backlog is smaller than in January and February. There are about three weeks worth of copy cataloging in the queue; the department's goal is to work that down to a two week backlog. We currently purchase cataloging records for Strand orders and Blackwell approval items. For now, catalogers search for full cataloging copy for firm orders at the point of receipt. Music catalogers are selecting a cataloging record at the point of order. Due to limited copy available, catalogers create brief bib records for video materials at the point of order.

Marker asked if gift materials could be searched at the units before they are sent to Cataloging. This change would reverse a policy decision made several years ago, and we agreed to put it on hold for now. There is still confusion about how materials received at the unit libraries are processed, and we need to clarify our definitions at a future meeting. Page expressed concern about treating all unit receipts materials as gift materials.

Collection level records are being created for trade and manufacturing catalogs at Special Collections. Special Collections has submitted a grant to catalog Jerseyana materials.

Systems (Montanaro)

IRIS will be down on 3/13 till 9 am for a Sirsi fix. Karen Oster is working on restoring the vendor information to serials control records that was lost in the upgrade. Systems staff is extracting patron data to deliver to Uncover, which will determine eligibility for the new document delivery service. Also, Systems staff will produce a serials list for Uncover to block requests for current subscriptions held at RUL.

An Liu has been hired as the new VALE systems programmer.

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