Minutes of November 2, 2000 Meeting

Samson Soong, Rhonda Marker, Michael Joseph, Jeanne Boyle, Lida Sak, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ann Montanaro, Mary Page (recorder)

AUL's Report: Sam reported that the search committee for the AUL for Digital Library Systems has been appointed. Françoise Puniello is the chair.

On October 13th, the RUL server group met. This group includes anyone who is running a server to support a project or for the RUL system. Members are developing a draft policy statement that can be considered by the new AUL. Policies will cover such matters as the level of equipment and platforms that are supported. The group will meet bi-monthly. A question was raised about our policy on cookies, and Jeanne mentioned that RUL will be sponsoring an upcoming conference on privacy issues.

NJULS: The New Jersey State Library is negotiating with OCLC on the development of the New Jersey Union List of Serials. At some point soon, the NJULS will be accessible through a Z39 interface. Princeton has recently joined the statewide Z39 ILL network, and RUL is very close to being able to participate as well.

Cataloging: Rhonda reported that the Cataloging Department has scheduled a "production only" week, during which staff members will not attend meetings and will focus exclusively on cataloging work. The Showalter Collection has been fully cataloged, and Anna Ashikhmina is the person who is primarily responsible for its completion. The Diamond Collection is next, and this is a much larger collection.

Cataloging will soon be ready to accept gift materials for processing. Database Maintenance is cleaning up items in IRIS that were erroneously cataloged to TSB. As part of the recon project at Alexander, if items are discovered to be missing, DBM checks them out to MISS-RECON, which subsequently allows them to run a consolidated report on these items. Another user, MISS-TSB, is used when items requested through RRS from TSB are discovered to be missing. Again, this allows reports to be generated so that staff can work on the problem.

The oldest item waiting to be searched in Cataloging is dated September 14.

Christopher Ross resigned to accept a professional position with the New Brunswick schools. His line will be refilled, and the position description will be recast to emphasize electronic resource maintenance.

Systems: Ann reported that Karen Oster has loaded the new version of Unicorn on the test system. This upgrade contains only minor changes to the existing system, and it adds the booking module. Staff are testing the new system now, and it will be loaded as the production system during the winter break. Systems staff estimates that RUL needs 500 new PC's for both staff and public use.

Acquisitions: Mary reported that ordering and receiving are current. Acquisitions is ordering patron requests for current imprints from Barnes & Noble, and the service is excellent. Items are received within 2 or 3 days. Work continues on serials cancellations for 2001.

Emerging Standards: We discussed the Dublin Core and various projects and applications involving metadata standards. We often refer to the Dublin Core within the library community, but in other groups the term metadata has more currency. We decided that a pilot project would help us understand how metadata could be used. Mike Chumer, Mary Beth Weber, and Tad Hershorn at IJS will be asked to explore ways to represent the Mary Lou Williams collection on the web using Dublin Core or other metadata standards. They will demonstrate their results to TSC. Michael Joseph will identify and explore another metadata project after his winter 2001 sabbatical.

Training: Linda Turzynski has served as RUL's training coordinator for the past two years on an ad hoc basis. Is it time to formalize this position? Marianne Gaunt and Lynn Mullins will be discussing the training committee's report at meetings throughout the Libraries, and we decided to wait until decisions are made about implementing the committee's recommendations.

EEBO: Records for the Early English Books Online collection will display as part of the RU-ONLINE collection. The microform accession number will display for the titles held at Alex. We will not add URL's to the records for the print versions of about 16 titles in this collection.

The EEBO discussion led to the issue of what to do about superseded CD-ROM indexes that are now available online. Also, should we be adding URL's to records for the print version of monographs? The AUL's will think about how to tackle these issues, and we will discuss at our December 7th meeting.

Next meeting:
Thursday, December 7, 2000
TAS conference room

(Submitted by M. Page)

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