Minutes of December 8, 2005 Meeting

Grace Agnew (chair), Susan Beck, Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner, Janet Howard (Recorder), Rhonda Marker, Ann Montanaro, Gracemary Smulewitz, Ka-Neng Au

1. Introduction of Li Sun, the new Asian Languages Cataloger.

2. AUL report

Grace reported on the NJEDge Technology in Education Conference she attended last month. The emphasis was on educational experiences using videoconferencing. Grace reported that one of the exhibitors, Film Media Group, has launched FMG On Demand, a digital video delivery system. FMG is able to provide access in perpetuity to digital video via the web or local network access and has software that allows teachers to create high impact educational excerpts. FMG has announced a trial for NJ libraries. This trial will launch sometime in early 2006. Two issues were identified with this trial. Currently, the software is only available if videos are accessed via FMG servers, which stream videos via standard Internet connections. Rutgers' Internet connection is overutilized, so streaming video via the Internet might cause unacceptable delays and bottlenecks. Other options for delivery include NJEdge, utilizing the Internet2 connection to Rutgers, which is currently underutilized and should be able to handle high-bandwidth video traffic. The excerpting and annotating software available via FMG may not be available via NJEdge, however. Rutgers could also choose to host the videos on the local area network. However, the FMG software will not be available for local loading until late 2006. We are also not sure what the technical requirements for support would be or whether the Library or OIRT would be the host site. Grace is attempting to get answers to these delivery questions, so that Cabinet can decide whether or not to participate in the trial.

Digital repository status update: Grace Agnew

Grace distributed a handout on the status to date. Highlights: Workflow management system is stable and functional, version 1.0 migration to Systems substantially complete. Also highlighted current and proposed projects: New Jersey Digital Highway, ETD, Moving Picture Catalogs (MOPIX, a joint project with the Edison Papers), Jazz Oral History Project, and Website archiving with University Relations.

3. Shelf ready progress update: Janet Howard

Camden approval account is now implemented as shelf ready with delivery directly to Camden. NB approval account is in early discussion stage. Steve Hyndman is planning to visit in January to discuss options related to determining library designation for titles and answer selector concerns. Grace suggested that a steering committee might be valuable in making decisions and charting the progress of implementation. Also, Rhonda has offered to advise on Cataloging issues.

4. LibQual+ overview and summary - Susan Beck (guest)

Beck gave a PowerPoint presentation on the results of the ARL sponsored LibQUAL+ survey Rutgers University Libraries participated in last spring. The highlights: 255 institutions participated; 7624 individuals across all three campuses at RU surveyed; all library faculty and staff were removed from the sample; survey consisted of 22 questions used to measure Service Affect (customer service), Information Control (information provided and accessibility), and Library as Place, and allowed for open-ended comments from users regarding their concerns and questions. From the 796 usable surveys, results show that faculty want resources; graduate students want library as a place; and information control is valued most and wanted more, across the board. Susan offered that she could provide more information not covered in the presentation if requested.

Agenda item 3 Electronic Theses and Dissertations progress report from Ann moved to #1 on the agenda for next meeting.

Next meeting scheduled for 1/12/2006.


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