Minutes of SACOTAS September 5, 1996 Meeting

J. Cassel, T. Evans, M. Fecko, R. Gardner, P. Graham, T. Haynes, J. Jeng, A. King (recorder; minor corrections by P. Graham), Mei-Ling Lo, R. Marker, A Montanaro, L. Sak, M. Witteman (guest)

1. Agenda approved.

2. AUL/TNIS Reports (Graham)

RU budget: After budget from state set, there was an additional, unexpected give back of $3.5 million.

CD funds: Adjustment at Cabinet in favor of the sciences.

Review of Libraries' collections and of information technologies at RU: likely to be folded into internal self-study (this year) in preparation for Middle States evaluation (next year).

3. TAS Reports

a. Acquisitions (Evans)
Open position mentioned; four persons from elsewhere in TAS helping temporarily with end processing. Although early in the fiscal year, orders are still coming in at a high level.

b. Cataloging (Marker)
Management of in-process books in Annex now the responsibility of Cataloging; several people have added assignments, in addition to other duties, to aid workflow--some items (e.g., corrections & missing book reports) likely to be deferred in the interim.

c. Systems / Database Management (Montanaro)
Personnel update: M. Storer's position still open; M. Moyer's can be posted Sept. 13th; no student staff changes expected, although one now works at Newark (20 hours/week). Requests through PC listserv being coordinated by Armen Varjabedian--he handles some himself and deploys student employees for others. Drivers on the Douglass server continue to be a problem. The ALEX server needs to be upgraded with the same software now on other servers, but due to downtime needed, this project will be held until Christmas break.

4. OPAC Funding Report

Date to bring up new OPAC fully now May/June (with some delay to early July possible due to budget cycle).

SIRSI demo for Dr. Seneca went well. Final word on funding approval (funding will be split between FY 96/97 and FY 97/98) due later this fall.

The budget for the OPAC transition was reviewed. The project will require a significant up front outlay by the University; it is anticipated that over five years RUL (through lower operating costs with the new system, etc.) will save the RU admininstration about 40% of this amount. (Handout on advantages of new OPAC distributed.)

5. OVID and Database Planning

ICI money through provosts funding ABI Inform, Current Contents (all 7 databases), Dissertation Abstracts and Newspaper Abstracts. Contract negotiation with ISI and UMI in process. All these databases to be accessible through OVID. ABI & MPA through Eureka will be canceled effective Oct. 31st after one month's overlap. World-Wide-Web interface (RUL server as web client for RU community) possible with available discount; changeover likely in January. Ethnic Newswatch is up and available (instructions due out Sept. 6th) through public ELF terminals only.

6. Computer Disks, CD-ROMS, etc.

Memo from E. Greenberg distributed re. issues (selection/ordering/processing workflow, circulation, replacement policy, sublocation designations & filing recommendations, etc.) related to these formats as artifacts. It is anticipated that a task force with technical and public services representatives will be formed within RUL to review these concerns.

7. MARC 856 Field

Tag reviewed as some records with 856s in them are already in IRIS (tag present in source records and not deleted). Question posed re. when it is appropriate for TAS catalogers to add them and concerns raised about maintenance issues. (Online material linked through 856s may be an exact copy of a text or a portion thereof, contain illustrations, represent software or other accompanying matter, constitute earlier editions, etc.) Catalogers want feedback generally, but need was seen to refer issue to SACOPS with TAS helping to frame issue.

8. Libraries Web Page Manager

Mark Witteman introduced. He will be reviewing the top RUL webpages for consistency across the pages and creating additional library pages (e.g., for SACS) with input from Lisa Heidrick as appropriate. Samples of RUL personnel pages (for systems staff) were reviewed.

9. INFO Advisory Committee Report

Biology and Music pages are forthcoming.

10. Automated Serials and Acquisitions Working Group Report

New INNOPAC release (#10) out; will be discussing whether or not it should be installed in light of implementation plans for the new OPAC.

11. General Announcements ("Round-Robin")

a. Kilmer: Student microcomputers up and available; new business database (Compustat) available as locally-mounted CD (1 year trial); full text from Dow Jones now available to patrons, not just reference staff.

b. Camden: Lights removed 6 weeks ago still being replaced; retirement event for Jean Crescenzi to be held in the library; parttime librarian hired for reference.

c. LSM: Moving books in anticipation of renovation.

d. Electronic Resources Committee: J. Cassel distributed a brochure with the schedule of fall RUL internet workshops.

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